I first thought these tiny fellas were playing a game or perhaps protesting against some political decision. For example, a huge tunnel is being constructed in their forest, so I think they’re really mad, you know. Who wouldn’t be? They looked kind of ill-tempered, especially the red ones, except possibly the one who’s head is now lying at his feet. Then, after some very illuminating exchanges online, I was helped to the conclusion that they’re trying to, well, not reach enlightenment perhaps, although you could certainly put it that way, but to control their strong feelings in the face of adversity (ie, the tunnel and human intrusion on gnome territory). This through special exercises. You’ll notice how some of them have begun already. They’ve climbed up on the bench and are doing meditive exercises on a higher level (literally and metaphorically, of course!). In the sunset. Adorable, really. One must admire them for their courage and temerity, going into the city to manifest their spiritual beliefs and political convictions on the streets, being as small and vulnerable as they are. Sadly, in the process a few of them have been decapitated. But, then, who said spiritual progress would come without cost and losses?


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  1. You mean of gnomes (hardly! as you know, they’re everywhere) or these particular gnomes?

    First time we met them was this morning, see the facebook picture (I only had the phone then). Subsequently, we’ve met them on all our walks. In the morning, they were more disorganised, not grouping themselves based on colour, but I think they all had their heads attached in the morning. Now, several were decapitate — the blue one to the very left is headless, but someone has tried to reattach his head; it’s only cosmetic though, he’s really dead. They’ve been here a few hours, a day at most, and already they’ve become victims of vicious street crime. I’m now worried that they won’t make it through the night. I will update this thread with news about it, of course.

  2. He’s decapitated, the poor sod. Victim of street crime. Certainly nothing very pleasurable. Dead. Stone dead. He was alive this morning but something happened.

    I believe they keep erotic activities for the borrows in the forest. Very difficult to capture on film. Not sure anyone ever succeeded.

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