fogs and fairies

On account of the talk about gnomes and fairies in another blog thread…

Don’t tell me you don’t see the fairies over there in the distance by the rim of the forest! I’ve posted this picture before, but I think it’s quite nice. There was a magic mist, that day, of a kind I don’t see very often (you don’t, not in the city, not this kind of mist). It was at the edge of the forest between my parents’ house and the waldorf school. It is a very small forest, but there are meadows and some quite mysterious bits of lovely nature; it’s a fairytale forest in a sense, if only it weren’t for the humans. (Mr Dog agrees; he’s seen many supersensible bunnies there.) Here are some other fairy pics, which I don’t think I’ve posted before (although if I have, forgive me, but you can’t overdose on fairies, can you? oh, I suppose you can, but not on gnomes, as Melanie and I can testify). They were taken the same day. I used to visit this forest often when my parents still lived in the old house. Mr Dog and I always got off the underground train on an earlier station so that we could walk through the forest.

(large version on facebook)

I’m not joking, but when waldorf teachers see something like this, they do — indeed! I promise — begin to go on about fairies. Dancing fairies. The older the children are, the more likely they will consider the teacher something of a loon. Not that that seemed to be an inhibiting factor. This would have been a very important fog. It would have mattered. It was a very interesting mist, I must admit; it simply came rolling out from the forest, it seemed.

The late october sun colouring the trees.

When you’re surrounded by these fairies, they become even more incorporeal, have you noticed that!

Searching the RS Archive I was surprised to not find much on fairies. Perhaps someone would like to interpret this for me:

‘Even though some of the things I have said have come out very badly — perhaps they will come out better later — I want to present something further to you, something that belongs in the context of the whole. One can say: Whereas it is our physical body that connects us with the realm of physical becoming, our brain connects us with certain elemental beings, namely those elemental beings that belong to the sphere of wisdom. In the third drawing, that which we indicated with yellow was still outside; in the second drawing, it is internal. The green that here (drawing 2) is hovering around the head is even further outside. To etheric observation, this green hovers in the immediate vicinity of our head. The  I  lives in it, and alongside the  I  are found the elemental beings of the myths and sagas. There they are called elves, fairies, and so on. When we enjoy something aesthetically, all that is hovering around our heads.’ [GA 170.]

(on flickr)

Here’s some 19th century fairy art from Sweden, by the way!


3 thoughts on “fogs and fairies

  1. Thanks, very inspiring and mysterious photos! I’ve been hunting tree photos for a year now, I think I’ll add “fog” to that. Reminded me of a classical piece of flute (and harp) music, “The fog is lifting” by Carl Nielsen. Here is a YouTube version I like with some beautiful photos from “The Bog of Utterslev” in Denmark:

  2. Trees, well, they are adorable. I struggle to capture my favourite tree on photo — he’s too darn gigantic for the camera (with its present equipment). It’s a very old oak tree. (Not even the wide-angled phone camera can pull it off: Unfortunately, our relationship has been a bit strained since he poked me in the eye a week after my operation, and we haven’t met since. There are some quite amazing trees in the city too, even in the local park.

  3. Because I’m reading Pessoa again — I never stop, I just put it aside, begin again, read at random — I think I quoted this before, but, ok, anyway…

    ‘Let us never remove from our finger the magic ring that summons, when turned, the fairies of silence, the elves of darkness and the gnomes if oblivion…’

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