A dire perspective presented in the spring newsletter* of the Anthroposophical Society in America (title: ‘Taking stock of our situation’):

The School for Spiritual Science was placed into a caring warmth body called the Anthroposophical Society which in the past 80 years has gradually become cold and self absorbed. The Society was clearly intended to provide human warmth, openness, and encouragement for all the striving in human beings, not just the few who share certain beliefs.

If it continues as it presently exists, the Anthroposophical Society may have to become increasingly defensive. It will be a fortress for a small minority espousing little understood views. It will be forced more and more to defend its right to exist. The Anthroposophical Society in the end may be a modern re-enactment of the final years of the Templars.

It’s a quote from a review of some kind. I didn’t quite understand what’s been going on, but anyway, the reviewer also wrote:

Are we, perhaps, a little afraid to step forward because our history has shown us that anyone stepping forward in a decisive way will be “chopped to bits?” Are we a community of human beings that can think and feel along one set of values, but we act individually and collectively around a different, defensive set of values? Are we having trouble practicing anthroposophy? Is it possible that we need to confront something in ourselves if we wish to accomplish our purposes during the coming century?

I’m not sure if anyone’s been ‘chopped to bits’ yet.

Later, in the newsletter, it is mentioned that the members of the society are its greatest asset and the greatest deterrent for new people joining it. ‘Negative first impressions formed in early encounters with members often turn away those having an interest in anthroposophy.’ Unfortunately, some passages later, it turns dodgy:

Today there should also be persons who have already experienced anthroposophy in Rudolf Steiner’s lifetime and have reincarnated quickly, as he indicated. What transformations will anthroposophy have undergone in such a soul? What kind of perspectives and impulses may they be bringing?

I’m not sure what can be gained from such speculations, as the downside of this kind of thinking is pretty obvious: the worst nutcases will be out there looking for people who might harbour the reincarnated souls of those around Steiner. This, quite frankly, is bizarre.

Read the newsletter.

*Edit: sorry for my confusion. It isn’t the entire newsletter, but some pages from it. Apparently, these pages deal with an upcoming conference. Presented here.