‘our souls are paper cups’

Well, the purpose of this post is not to inform you of this self-evident fact. No, it is to tell you that the Rudolf Steiner Library (of the Anthroposophical Society in America) has begun to digitize some of its old collections. You can find the collection (which is, so far, not huge) here. The poem, ‘Our souls are paper cups’, was found in Journal for Anthroposophy, no 1, spring 1965. I hope it will tempt you to browse the collection!


8 thoughts on “‘our souls are paper cups’

  1. It hints at a desire for martyrdom after a bad time in a cocktail bar involving a marital indiscretion the poet would rather forget. We’ve all been there ;)

  2. Somehow I feel my soul is more like a sturdy ICA carrier bag as in this wonderful song from Helen Sjöholm.

  3. That is a very elegant ‘Durkslag’. I am sure you are indeed rostfri and I can see your reflection as in all those beautiful photos of windows you take.

  4. Am hysterically tired, but rather disappointed with myself for making myself into a cheap durkslag from IKEA and not a more fashionable one from NK ;-)

    Thank you, though!

  5. Jeeezes! I have to side with Melanie, her interpretation of the poem I would give the big A, were I her poetry teacher…

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