by the sea

I promise you — there will be serious posts soon. This one (from yesterday’s adventures) is devoid of both gnomes and fairies, so pretty disappointing and lacking seriousness. But perhaps one can glimpse a sea nymph if one looks attentively on the picture?  (If you need a larger version for this purpose, one is available here.)


9 thoughts on “by the sea

  1. The colours are stunning, especially in the larger version.
    That sea nymph!… surely it’s not Thetis Mercurio rising from the sea again as she did so memorably last year?

  2. Thank you!

    I was hoping it was her — and we’d have a real life ethereal kiosk experience again, with wine, bread and cheese, on the veranda which is just to the left of that pine tree! You should all be there, really; including Rudi of course. It would be crammed but incredibly nice.

  3. … and THEN, naturally, Rudi would fall into the Baltic sea and someone would have to fish him up. I’d better have some frankfurter sausages and plenty of cognac ready.

  4. Falk – what a good idea! I’m keen to miss the Olympics. If I start now I should make it to Sweden by daybreak. The only worry is dodging that mermaid outside Copenhagen.

  5. Bring a water-tight bag with danish pastries and throw them to her. She’ll let you swim through. And then you’ll find your way perfectly and safely — I pointed out the place when on the Sandhamn boat trip! I tiny dot of a house, far away. But you remember, I’m sure! Otherwise, there’s the best gps of all — clairevoyance!

  6. I remember it very well. Plus you can always find your way around when you have a Higher Porpoise.

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