enlightened guru

here’s a picture of mr Dog yesterday. Doesn’t he look wise? (Also, this is an attempt to post via email. I never tried it before. Let’s hope it works!)


6 thoughts on “enlightened guru

  1. Is he doing fairy breathing exercises? Or did they follow Him? Sorry, I haven’t yet recovered from the fairy photo obsession ;-)

  2. (We have an anonymous issue this week. I can edit, just tell me…)

    He’s breathing in and out fairies! (Breathing in and out is, as we all know, important for many reasons…) It’s a new occult trick we’re practising. Did you notice that the word ‘fairy’ contains the word ‘air’? This must be significant, we thought.

    Once one has caught the fairy photo obsession (I suspect it’s an ethereally transmitted illness?), one can’t recover. Ever! Sorry.

  3. Sorry, but ever since I was etherically infected by the fairies, my appearance has become sort of anonymously hazy. Tried breathing exercises with my toungue hanging out of my mouth. But all that happens is that I look like a ghostlike imitation of a Maori warrior.

  4. It’s not fair (!!) of you to be this funny while I’m trying to cook something in the kitchen. It’s fairly messy now ;-)

    Anyway, consulting the guru, he says that while it may be spiritual for dogs to hang their tongues out of their mouths, it never seems to work as well for humans. ‘They just look pretty silly’ he says.

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