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‘spiritual, not religious’

Melanie retweeted a link to an article about a recently published book that seems intersting, Despirited by David Webster. It’s about the ‘spiritual, but not religious’. He argues that these popular, modern spiritualities risk ‘making us stupid, selfish, and unhappy’. I quote: Finally, I argue that the dissembling regarding death in most contemporary spirituality—the refusal […]

anthroposophy and induction stoves

I had one of these silly ideas one can have when when is delirious with hunger. Over-hungry sometimes has the same effect as over-tired, I’ve noticed. For some inexplicable reason, I suddenly had to know what anthroposophy might say about induction cooking. I learnt about the importance of cooking pots, about cosmic energy and composition, […]

‘it’s really hard when you start your hat’

From an article found by PeteK: In a sunny classroom, first graders at the Chicago Waldorf School are not picking up books.  Instead, in every student’s hands are two wooden knitting needles. Seven-year-old Henry Gordon is carefully wrapping the yarn around one needle, then pulling his stitch through with the other hand. “It’s really hard […]

demonstration för waldorflärarutbildning

Just nu cirkulerar upprop och anordnas en demonstration som, bland annat, uppmanar politiker att ta ansvar för waldorflärarutbildningen. I klarspråk, att se till att den ges ekonomiska förutsättningar, och för att vara ännu tydligare: att waldorflärarutbildningen tilldelas offentliga medel. Insikten i vem som egentligen bär ansvar för situationen verkar vara anmärkningsvärt bristfällig. Det är naturligtvis […]

tulips (rosendal)

The above was shot, I think, purely random. It’s funny how the most random photos, the ones shot without thinking and without planning, (sometimes) turn out to be the ones that fascinate me most afterwards. When I think, I don’t get pictures like this one. I should think less. Chance more. Take chaos seriously. Never […]

a song

Travelling on a bus the other day, I listened to this song again, and I listened many times, and it struck me: I think this is — must be — the song Rudi kept singing to me during all those years. I never knew. But now you get a song instead of a proper post. […]


I’ve been thinking. I need to do something about my life. It’s in a state of unacceptableness. That’s the worst state. I’m not joking. And I know this, because my mind is in such an unprecedented, acceptable state! What am I doing, writing yet one more post on some darn moronic Steiner waldorf education topic? […]

fourth esoteric lesson

It’s a bit late, but I’ve finally read the english translation of the fourth first class esoteric lesson. (I say sorry, before I even begin, to my reader in Minnesota! I’m throwing pearls for swine again, or perhaps roses for donkeys, which is another expression I recently came across in a similar context — that […]

‘a different class’ (on steiner education in the guardian)

There’s a new article about Steiner education in The Guardian and I’m sure everybody has read it and is talking about it already. On the upside, some negative sides of waldorf schools are mentioned. On the downside, the article is pretty lame, as though the guardian of the newspaper threshold had been preventing a decent […]

‘sol, jord og regn’

Till den tidigare texten ville jag också, av någon anledning, citera den underbare Bjørneboe — min favoritantroposof! –, men så kom jag förstås på att han är på norska, och inte på engelska. Han får därför sin egen plats. ‘… Hele haven var fylt av den røde farven fra soloppgangen, men den glitret også i […]

spirituality of imperfection

I really should have included this in my previous post, but I couldn’t quite fit it in. It’s an article I read a couple of days ago and it’s about a book, from which this quote comes: ‘The problem with organized religions, Bill Wilson once complained, ‘is their claim how confoundedly right all of them […]


Only the fool would do such a thing, and I know for a fact that none of you are fools. The Baltic sea is not even 10° C, so of course you wouldn’t; you’re all eminently sane people, after all, and as anybody sane knows, there’s no such thing as swimming, in the Baltic, at […]

the beach

well, it’s not a huge beach. It’s quite adorable, even if it’s small. I don’t mind being in the city — but it doesn’t have this. (Photo from a week ago.)


Last sunday night, when heavy winds made the island cottage very cold, I had to make a fire. Did you know there are elemental beings of fire? Well, of course you do. And that the element of fire itself, according to Steiner, interpenetrates all the other three elements. He speaks of it here, where he […]

vad är sant om waldorfelever i högre utbildning? (om Dahlin-rapporten)

Bo Dahlin, professor i utbildningsvetenskap vid Karlstads universitet, skrev härom dagen en bloggkommentar där han hävdade att Ulf Ärnström och jag ljuger. Först trodde han förvisso att det var jag som ljög, men såg därefter han att han adresserade något som Ulf hade skrivit och ändrade sig sålunda. Eftersom jag är enig med Ulf i […]

threshold crossings

After having briefly discussed unconscious spiritual threshold crossings in this recent thread, I came across this baffling conference description (the conference deals with Steiner’s mystery dramas): Today, 113 years after the end of the Kali Yuga (the Dark Age), the spiritual worlds are accessible to all. Every human being today is crossing the threshold into […]

‘den demokratiska valfriheten’

Här är ett upprop för statsfinansierad waldorflärarutbildning. (Se mitt tidigare inlägg.) Vi uppmanar alla som vill värna waldorfpedagogiken och den pedagogiska mångfalden att skriva under detta upprop. Syftet är att visa ansvariga myndigheter hur många vi är som oroas över Waldorflärarhögskolans framtid, och att visa hur många vi är som motsätter oss inskränkningar i den […]

salon de la rose + croix

there are so many pretty pictures in the history of esotericism. Here’s one I found in a book today; it was black and white, and I had to look it up online. Salon de la rose croix was apparently a series of art salons, held between 1892 and 1897, by Péladan’s ‘Mystic order of rose […]

waldorflärarhögskolan och finansieringen

I samband med en artikel i Dagens Nyheter i går publicerar nu Waldorflärarhögskolan ett längre dokument om sin ekonomiska situation. Sveriges Radio rapporterar att waldorflärarutbildningen kan tvingas lägga ned helt. (Dagens Nyheters artikel finns inte online, men se Kjell Häglunds bild.) Det som först av allt bör sägas är att waldorflärarutbildning inte är ett helt […]

‘schools of pseudoscience’

Steiner education poses as great a threat to children’s science education as creationist schools, it is claimed in a letter to The Observer this morning: ‘However, not enough attention has been paid to two equally grave threats to science education, namely Maharishi and Steiner schools. Maharishi schools follow the educational methods of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru […]


tulips (as you can tell) through a window and the local church (mirrored in window), both yesterday evening. (larger versions on flickr!)

cultural crankiness (anthroposophical psychiatry conference)

At the Goetheanum, this fall of 2012, there will take place a psychiatry conference for anthroposophical doctors. Here’s a part of the description, taken from the program: … since the nineteenth century we have been able to observe the rise of forms of illness such as neurotic disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, traumatic disorders, attention […]

angels and humans

‘The angel does not deal with space, only time. Time is as far down from duration as an angel can penetrate. Therefore, the footprints of all angels resemble bookmarks and can be found in every single biography and in the cumulative story of humankind, the multitude of human biographies we know as history.’ This is […]


Newspaper article. Waldis halten zusammen. Im Kindergarten. In der Schule. Und weit darüber hinaus. Wie die Waldorf-Familie funktioniert, wird im neuen Kinderhaus in Hamme offenbar. Er, yeah. Those children who don’t fit the ‘Waldorf-Familie’ or feel zuhause, despite efforts by the child’s own family, tend to disappear eventually. Leaving all the happy-smiling-singing-jumping media-friendly ones to […]

angående medvetenhet om vad waldorf ‘faktiskt’ innebär

Nytt pressmeddelande från Kristofferskolan. Det har pratats ganska mycket om hur skolan ska fokusera mer på mätbara teoretiska kunskaper. Samtidigt har waldorfskolorna fortsatt som man alltid gjort med att satsa på hållbar kunskap genom en kombination av teori, humaniora och konstnärligt och socialt övande. Vad menar de med ‘hållbar kunskap’? Vad erbjuder de inom humaniora […]


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