angels and humans

‘The angel does not deal with space, only time. Time is as far down from duration as an angel can penetrate. Therefore, the footprints of all angels resemble bookmarks and can be found in every single biography and in the cumulative story of humankind, the multitude of human biographies we know as history.’

This is a quote from a new book published by Steiner Books. It’s called Footprints of an Angel and is written by Siegfried E Finser (who, according to the presentation, has been a waldorf teacher, among other things). Apparently, or in this case I should perhaps say unsurprisingly, many (if not all) events, even the seemingly inexplicable, can be explained by the presence of angels. ‘Accidents’ are not accidental. (Of course not, there’s karma too!)

(Don’t miss the cover! It’s a topic in itself…)


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