salon de la rose + croix

there are so many pretty pictures in the history of esotericism. Here’s one I found in a book today; it was black and white, and I had to look it up online. Salon de la rose croix was apparently a series of art salons, held between 1892 and 1897, by Péladan’s ‘Mystic order of rose + croix’. According to wikipedia, ‘Central to Péladan’s doctrine was the promotion of the arts “especially of an esoteric flavour”, hoping to “overcome European materialism”. The poster advertising the salon is the work of a Carlos Schwabe and, according to the book I’m reading, it is a ‘mystical-allegorical representation of the soul’s way to God.’ (My translation.) The edges of the image are decorated with various rosicrucian symbols. The book I’m reading — a thirty year old book in Swedish — is a fascinating read about initiation as a motif in art, literature and politics; it contains quite a lot on anthroposophy and Steiner, as well. Image from wikipedia.


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  1. Inspired me to begin mindmapping cultural and artistic trends and movements around the time when anthroposohy was created. Does anyone happen to know if the more exoteric aspects of Goetheanum or waldorf school architecture has influenced someone outside the anthroposophical movement?

  2. I’m sure it has. I wish my brain was better at storing information, though, because my mind is a blank. But I know I’ve read about such things! Well, except the Bauhaus school. There’s some stuff about that in Cornell’s book.

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  4. ‘group-ego of the beautiful bee(s), etc.).’ I believe this is a clue of some kind. Or a sign.

  5. No, you are not an alien! Mr Dog told me – he assured me you smell all too human.
    He sent me an e-mail while you weren’t looking.

  6. Unfortunately, you’re right. He always encourages me to roll in rotten carcasses. Says it will improve my smell. ‘You smell so human! No wolf will EVER take you seriously!’ he says.

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