Last sunday night, when heavy winds made the island cottage very cold, I had to make a fire. Did you know there are elemental beings of fire? Well, of course you do. And that the element of fire itself, according to Steiner, interpenetrates all the other three elements. He speaks of it here, where he also, very poetically, describes why we have daylight — you see, we wouldn’t, unless some elementals were ‘imprisoned in night’, as this makes it possible for night to be separated from day. Being immersed in light from early morning till late at night now — the northern summer is arriving — I surmise lots of elementals must be ‘chained … to the night-time.’ According to the theory. Which I do not claim to understand. I’m not exactly sure what this has to do with the elementals of fire. But look at the photo, and see if you can spot any! Treat it as a Rorschach test of spiritual perception! Or… something. Well, even if you don’t see any elementals… If you see bunnies, door-handles or pretty ladies — anything, really, anything! –, please report your observations of those phenomena! They would provide such fascinating clues about your spiritual biography, I’m sure. I’ll ask my guru to interpret them. Of course, in his eyes, not seeing bunnies counts as a serious spiritual deficiency. Actually, I just thought I saw a burning frog sitting on one of the logs.


10 thoughts on “fire

  1. I see the release of stored energy from years of photosynthesis, intricate chemical reactions converting long chains of cellulose to carbon, carbon dioxide, water vapour and combustible gases. But then, I am spiritually anaemic.

  2. Well… I think that’s quite poetic too, ‘water vapours and combustible gases’… sounds like a description of life on one of the old planetary incarnations!

  3. I must be improving spiritually, ‘cus I’ve been seeing bunnies everywhere … or at least one bunny. There’s a baby bunny in our yard at the moment, I think somehow separated from his mother as he looks way too little to be on his own and doesn’t seem to know what to do. Sometimes he’s even on the front porch. We figure he isn’t going to last long, what with the peregrine falcons nesting nearby … but it’s become kind of funny, sort of hallucinatory – rabbit in the driveway, rabbit in the flower bed, rabbit in the road, rabbit in my dreams …

  4. I’m only commenting here because I know Anthros will get a kick out of seeing “Pete on fire” beside the posts.

  5. I have not one spiritual bone in my body. I see my friend warming herself by a fire – and this makes me happy. Sigh.

  6. Help yourself to a spiritual chew-bone in the kiosk, Melanie! That might cure your deficiency in spiritual bones. After all, it does not matter wether our bones are in our bodies or in our mouths, as one canineosophical saying goes.

    (Ok, you may have it with ice-cream!)

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