‘the teacher is a servant to the process of human incarnation’

So this was mentioned elsewhere before, or at least on twitter. I was going to do something with it, recommend it, say something about it, but it got lost somewhere among the multitudes of things neglected. It’s a small essay by a waldorf teacher training student. It’s quite interesting and revealing (it is actually teacher training stuff, as for being anthroposophical stuff, it is naturally par for course), so you should read it.

In order for a teacher to have the faculties to help a child’s  “I” relate to the world and people positively, the teacher must have a clear understanding of the human being on a holistic level.  A Steiner teacher strives to foster a child’s hand (willing), heart (feeling), and mind (thinking) by providing resistance or challenge at the right time and offering a supportive structure for the child to grow within.  She must help the child’s Soul feel a healthy connection with his Body and Spirit. Anthroposophy is just this- the striving to connect and harmonise Body, Soul and Spirit in order to develop and strengthen our Spirituality which according to Steiner, will then enhance our moral strength, enhance our intuition and enable us to control our volitions, desires and urges. In this way, the teacher is a servant to the process of human incarnation.

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(As a side-note, I would also like to direct your attention to the canineosophically appropriate plate under this teacher-to-be’s sandwich. In fact, to appeal to mr Dog’s taste and aesthetics, his bipedal grandmother got him some Peter Rabbit bowls. They’re just perfect.)