‘splitting of the human race’

Some of us will fall away and form a secondary planet. This is on the program at the Rudolf Steiner House:

Splitting of the Human Race
Speaker: Susan Raven
For those of us who are awake and aware, knowledge of a new wave of consciousness entering humanity is no longer a conjecture, but a deep knowingness, grounding itself in the very crystals of our spine thrumming in the very strands of our DNA. In his lectures on the Apocalypse, Rudolf Steiner refers to a time when the human race will divide into two species. He describes how the part of humanity not impregnated with the Christ consciousness, will eventually fall away and form a secondary planet. In this talk, Susan will be exploring the different strands of wisdom pointing to this great divide. She will also be looking at the questions: How are we moving from homo sapiens to homo spiritus? And what becomes of those who resist or ignore this wave of enlightenment?

Yes, what becomes of us? Please enlighten us.

There’s lots more on that program, so do browse through it…

H/t @wmjohn on Twitter.