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Garry Gilfoy on old Rudi (and more) in Huffington Post:

… While the disillusioned among us may want to disavow our Western materialism and individualism, history might show that we have a spiritual mission which is based on precisely that.

Great mystics like Blavatsky (“The Secret Doctrine,” 1888) and Steiner (“Occult Science: An Outline,” 2009) concur that humanity has a unique task as a co-creator in the universe. Freedom is a quality that does not exist among the other spiritual hierarchies. The Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones, Archai and others bring us light, form, movement, sound — all the preconditions for our existence. But our job is to bring about freedom. To do this we have needed to be completely divorced from our spiritual natures. When we know what’s “right” with the clarity of spiritual vision, there can be no development of freedom. Being embedded in the physical has been our means. Materialism and individuality have been a necessary result. We need to experience life in all its bewildering confusion and apparent evil in order that we choose, and reflect, and continue to choose and reflect, so that our moral life deepens and becomes imbued with something that eventually arises clearly as an experience of our spiritual self — rediscovered through the exercise of freedom.

What is a ‘spiritual mission’? What is ‘freedom’ in this context? Does what Gilfoy says have anything to do with Steiner and the spiritual mission of anthroposophy or the concept of freedom in anthroposophy, provided that we know — which I don’t — what Gilfoy means?


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