Some years ago, you could — at least if you were fairly skinny and (preferably) not wearing your best clothes — squeeze under that torn, disjointed grid and get inside the derelict building it belongs to.

Unfortunately, the lock that previously didn’t work (as locks are intended, thus allowing you in) has now been mended; you can get under the grid but not much further. The building itself is perhaps the scariest abandoned building I’ve been in. It’s dreadful, to be honest. It’s not frightening only because of the dampness and the darkness, the windows boarded up and the heating turned off ages ago; it’s the feeling permeating the place, telling you the story of how it must have once been the place of chilling scenes. A feeling, I might add, that is substantiated by some fairly concrete evidence. There’s a fear that seems to linger on and a sense of utter isolation and abandonment has been absorbed into the now likewise abandoned walls. It’s not a place for the faint-hearted — but it was a terribly fascinating place to see from the inside. I guess that although — perhaps — I should count myself among the faint-hearted, my eagerness for discovery usually takes over. The night after, however, I found myself unable to sleep, cought up in a nightmare and mad fantasies, but awake.


5 thoughts on “derelict

  1. Goodness … perhaps this wasn’t advisable, given your insomnia? I’m afraid it’s going to keep ME awake just thinking about it.

  2. It probably wasn’t, and this was back when I was really insomniac! These days (nights), I sleep well most of the time, but back then… not so.

    This is a better and safer image to keep in mind when trying to sleep (though perhaps not for cats):

    mr D

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