a cute story

Here’s a lovely little story. It’s got little to do with anthroposophy, but it touches upon it in a curious way. J.P. Johnston went to Europe. Later, his european acquaintance sent him pictures from the trip — via mail. The friend got the address wrong and the photos ended up with Daniel Weston, who has been trying for six months to locate Johnston. He went through a lot to find Johnston: googling, phoning other Johnstons, posting flyers, driving to the homes of other Johnstons… A few days ago, the newspaper Sacramento Bee ran a story on his search. One of the photos was published with the story, and the speculations about Johnston in that article are quite lovely too; read them. So, who’s Weston (apart from the obvious: an extraordinarily inquisitive guy)?

Perhaps your average good samaritan would’ve ended the search at that point. Not Weston, a 57-year-old IT manager at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks and devout Buddhist who believes in good karma.

Well, here’s where it goes wrong — he’s, most likely, not a devout buddhist, although he might very well believe in karma!

What happened then is: somebody recognized Johnston. The two — Johnston and Weston — met at Rudolf Steiner College the other day to hand over the photos:

“I’m kind of hard to find,” Johnston, who works in IT security for a corporation he preferred not to name, told Weston, “but I’m glad you didn’t give up, though.”

“You know,” replied Weston, himself the college’s IT expert, “I just felt a weird connection. I just couldn’t stop looking. Maybe it’s because we look a lot alike.”

The two men, indeed, share a facial resemblance: wispy hair gone to gray and snow white beards. And once they started talking, they found other commonalities. Weston’s wife is named Laura; Johnston’s recently deceased wife was named Laura. They both have worked in IT and served on security cases. And they both enjoy travel.

(Ah, those karmic connections! Everywhere!)

Here’s the second article about the meeting in Fair Oaks.