dental eurythmy!

Teeth are very important in canineosophy. We can’t all have proper canine teeth, of course. Only the highly developed among us can, that is, the dogs. However, anthroposophy has some magnificent ideas about teeth too. You already know that the changing of teeth is one indicator of school readiness. (It signifies the development of the etheric body, which is said to ‘unfold’ around the age of 7.) In case you’re so inclined, you can even take courses in anthroposophically inspired dentistry, but I suspect you’d have to know German for that.

However, here’s a unique opportunity for the English speaking world: ‘Tooth Development as a Reflection of Life Processes: An Anthroposophical Therapeutic Perspective Presentation by Mareike Kaiser and Claus Haupt’. It’s an event held at the Threefold Educational Center on August 5. Here’s more:

This is a rare opportunity to learn about the anthroposophical treatment of dental anomalies, which are connected to the development of the whole person: behavior, movement, biographical events, and more. Therapeutic eurythmist Mareike Kaiser and dentist Claus Haupt will introduce the process of diagnosis and treatment in this brief presentation …

Kaiser, a curative eurythmist who’s doing a master’s degree in dental eurythmy, has a lot of experience in the field. She

has specialized in dental eurythmy for over twenty years. She has led trainings in eurythmy for dental anomalies in Europe and North and South America. The courses include sessions on tooth development, anomalies such as overbite, underbite, deep-bite, cross-bite, and the correlation with child development and zodiacal forces as well as the specific eurythmy exercises.

Well, this seems like a very promising event.


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