In a section called ‘Radical and Relevant News’ (yes indeed) of website of the Rudolf Steiner center in Toronto, I found this radical and relevant newspiece on an event about anthroposophy as ‘a tool to approach Christ’.

The role of anthroposophy in helping us to understand the central importance of the Christ in human and earthly evolution is perhaps the most difficult aspect of anthropsophy (and Waldorf education) to explore let alone understand. No matter what your upbringing or current spiritual path, wrestling with the notion of the Christ Jesus pushes most everyone’s buttons. It is hard work and forces one to challenge basic assumptions, prejudices and commonly held beliefs.

It touches upon something deeply relevant waldorf education as well as to anthroposophy. Not only because of Christ. For example, the presentation of this event goes on to talk about ‘human consciousness and the essential elements that each culture has contributed to human development’. As you know, history education in waldorf schools is built upon the idea of these cultral epochs which are studied by the students in a specific order and which are even thought to correspond to the students’ own development in life.

Don’t worry, though, Steiner gave us the tools to grapple with all of this. They helpfully provide a quote, showing how Steiner leads us on the path to ‘the true nature of the Christ’; Steiner said, in Universe, Earth and Man:

The aim of spiritual science, and of all that can be acquired as spirit-seed by spiritual teachings is to enable us to comprehend the Christ power. One can not say that Anthroposophy is Christianity, but it is right to say that what has been given to the earth and to man by the Christ Principle will gradually come to be understood by means of the tool of Anthroposophy. By being understood it will increasingly become spirit-seed and, more and more, that mighty impulse will be poured into earthly evolution. For man has need of it so that, having sunk into the depths of matter, he may tear himself free again and return to his spiritual home.

I’m sure that illuminating quote clarifies everything that needs to be clarified.

Of course, people might find it surprising that ‘the central importance of Christ in human and earthly evolution’ is particularly relevant and even a ‘difficult aspect of’ waldorf education. Depending on circumstances, political or financial or related to PR, ‘the Christ’ might not get much mention at all…


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  1. Antroposofin har inget med biblisk kristendom att göra utan tillhör “religionen” new age. Att “dra in” Jesus i sina argument som någon slags grädde på moset är bara löjligt. Förvirrar deras förvirring desto mer. Flum… Om de nu menar så (Steinerfolket alltså). Det är två helt skilda religioner och att dra in Jesus i sin egen religion, ger mig, som fd new age:are och numera kristen, onödig hjärtklappning. Tack för en intressant blogg! Mvh Carina

  2. Tack för kommentaren!

    Det stämmer att deras syn är en som skiljer sig radikalt från den kristna kyrkans på flera vis. Jesus är för övrigt inte så viktig som fysisk person, i stället är det Kristus som är det viktiga — en vändpunkt i historien, i mänsklighetens medvetandeutveckling — men då som ett slags ‘kosmisk kraft’ som inkarnerade i den fysiska Jesus.

    Ungefär så. Själv har jag känslan av att Steiner använde sig av ett språk och en begreppsvärld som tilltalade den publik han råkade ha, och det blev då delvis kristendomens.

    För mig får de gärna göra som de vill med Jesus. Och Kristus.

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