birthday dog

it’s mr Dog’s birthday today, his eight birthday. Which is unbearably sentimental.


I finally emptied my camera to see if I had any relatively new pictures of him at all. I didn’t (not any that were good enough, a bunch of out-of-focus ones where he looks bored with me, which is close to the truth, he was bored). So I can’t post them. (‘Yes, you can’, he says, ‘let them see what a boring bore you are!!’) This is from early this summer, on one of our walks.

So, we had ice cream today and he got some raw liver mixed in with his dinner (yummy!), but I haven’t really been up for celebrating lately.

On the camera memory card, I also found a video of mr Dog howling somewhere in central Stockholm. And what is more appropriate for a birthday celebration than a good old howl?

9 thoughts on “birthday dog

  1. Nothing is more appropriate. That is magnificent, terrifying, truly wolfish. The moon just hid.

  2. I didn’t realize Mr. Dog’s birthday was so close to Jerry Garcia’s … I’m sure this is of spiritual significance.

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