‘a jack-the-ripper masquerading as a saint’

yesterday night, I was reading some cheap old collection of Henry Miller’s work. Excerpts and aphorisms and stuff. One thing that hit me was: if Rudi had possessed a greater talent for expressing himself in a modern way, and a greater talent for poetry too… there were similarities. Anyway, I won’t go into that. But as you know, Rudi stalks me. That’s odd, you say. Nevertheless, it’s true. I didn’t know Miller was familiar with Steiner. Inspired by what I read yesterday, I picked another book by Miller from my bookshelf. It’s been standing there, unread, for fifteen years, and I opened it at random. This is what I found:

The last time I stood at that bar my friend Edgar was trying to sell me Rudolf Steiner, rather unsuccessfully I must say, because just as he was getting on to group souls and the exact nature of the difference between a cow and a mineral, from the occult standpoint, a chorus girl from the theatre opposite, who was now on the bum, wedged her way in between us and diverted our minds to things less abstruse. (Henry Miller in The Collossus of Maroussi.)

So I googled. About one book, it is written:

Miller comments on all manner of things, including Rudolph Steiner: “He is a Jack-the-Ripper masquerading as a saint.” (Link.)

And here’s an excerpt from Miller’s The Books in my Life:

(Screenshot from google books.) He then goes on to say that what they had in common, the followers, the admirers of these gurus, was their helplessness; that they were out to save him, but could not save themselves. What they conveyed, the quotes from these works, weren’t — he later thought — so ‘silly and preposterous’, but what mostly prevented him from seeing their worth was the inability of these spiritual followers to ‘profit from the wisdom they were so eager to impart.’ (He continues about Krishnamurti.)


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  1. Nice comparison… Jack the ripper targeted prostitutes… Looking at the behavior of Anthroposophical institutions, Steiner targeted the same people.

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