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  1. Yes, but think of all the gnomes who are lost in there!

    Yes, in the evening. Just after 8 I believe, so it was getting darker, which helps with the mystical air.

  2. Ah, so it is not just me who is frequently unable to determine by the light, what time of day your pictures are taken. I am not sure if it is the difference in the northern European light, or if it is your camera or your aesthetic preferences when you set up a picture.
    Mystical, certainly!

    Is it still light till late in the evening there now? Here, we are done for the season with sitting out on our deck after dinner, because it’s usually dark now after dinner. (It is actually pleasant to sit in the dark also, but the elderly folk complain.)

  3. I checked the newspaper and officially the sun sets at 8.33 pm today. The sky isn’t actually dark until much later, but it is indeed dark now, black, and you see stars, which a month ago you absolutely didn’t. But in the picture, the sun has sunk below the trees in the background, so the background is pretty dark. The rest is a result of my aesthetical preferences and the technical ‘conditions’ of the camera. The background is so dark because otherwise the central ‘theme’ — the flowers — would be over-light and destroyed (these are their natural colours, or as close as I can get), due to too great a contrast between light and dark in the picture as a whole. In reality, the scene — not the flowers — was somewhat lighter, and the sky was still light — which made the general impression somewhat different. Although I suppose I shouldn’t tell you as perhaps it means I admit guilt to mystical fraud ;-)

  4. The colours are wonderful, mystical fraud or not. See what effect those annoying BD sprays have? Very irritating.

  5. ‘It’s pure cow-horn magic!’ Is that another way of saying, ‘bullshit’?

    “Preparation 500 is made by filling a cow’s horn with cow dung, and burying it in the soil during the cooler months – November through February.”

  6. yes, that cow-horn preparation, I’m sure it’s involved somehow… also, sorry, not magic, but spiritual science!

    What makes me fall for it, however, is their irreverence in mixing colours and a certain willingness to experiment. To compare with a municipal flower thingy nearby. There’s one section for blue flowers, one for white, one for yellow, one for red and one for pink, and neatly cut lawns between. It makes for dull pictures, unfortunately…

    (Btw, the colours of the flowers are basically accurate, as accurate as they get (with me), it’s the surrounding that’s darker.)

  7. Pete — that’s some, supposedly, clever trick by wordpress, they appear to think it’s somehow funny that they wreck the photo when someone hovers a marker over it. I’m not so pleased. The darker version is the correct one.

  8. It’s a beautiful pic, like all your pics.

    The lightening when hovering mouse thing – that’s just the way it indicates that you have ‘selected’ this object for some function, like copying or saving. I don’t think it’s trying to improve it aesthetically for you!

  9. Thank you!

    No, it’s clearly not trying to improve it aesthetically! It sometimes confuses me because I don’t realize my marker is on the picture… And I think: wow! that looks pale…

  10. That happens because the picture is linked to a site (I guess)… but I wonder if you could just paste the picture right onto the page (without linking it) and avoid the color change. I’ve only done one website in WordPress, and I’m not sure what I did, but the pictures don’t highlight when you roll over them.

  11. The picture is on this site, on wordpress. You can have the picture elsewhere, but the procedure is the same. In the post ‘editor’ you have to choose ‘insert’ and then choose ‘upload’ or ‘from url’ or some such thing. Anyway, I always upload and insert it via the editor.

    I have a suspicion that this is an annoying thing with this particular theme, unfortunately. The last theme I used didn’t have this highlighting feature, but I had to abandon it for other reasns. This is a newer theme. Bad thing is, there aren’t that many free themes that are aesthetically pleasing. Many, I’d even say most, are absolutely hideous.

    On the upside, and completely unrelated to this picture thing, the blog page views went over 300 000 a few days ago. I missed it when it happened, oddly. For such an obscure topic, that’s not so bad! Calls for champagne and ice-cream! (Somebody wake up Rudi!)

    (Edited: strange language…)

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