rain, sea, dog, et c

The sea was unusually calm on friday afternoon. The weather, shifting between sun and rain. But much of the time, last week, the sky was heavy with rain; funny is how the fogginess makes the islands far away appear also to the eye as individual islands — separated into darker and into lighter — rather than as a solid mass of land. Everything out there is really islands (floating around in the sea, as you all know islands do)! Sometimes the areas of rain are distinctly separated, too — sun, ran, sun, rain… and you know that those who have sun will soon have rain, but from their perspective they may not yet be aware of it.

Luckily, on two nights, the clouds vanished, revealing a starry sky (one evening, I was even lucky to glimpse, from the corner of my eye — it happened so quickly! — a falling star). It’s pitch dark around 10 pm now. The amount of stars is just staggering, yet it’s too close to the city (it’s not far at all), so it isn’t exactly the genuine experience; it’s never as black as it could be, in a world without or far away from electriticity. Or so I’ve understood it. Watching the stars the other night, as the sky was without clouds above us — mr Dog was asleep already, however, dreaming of a moon made of cheese (strong cheese, to complement the deliciously barbecued cats) –, I could at the same time see lightning strike, rip the black sky apart, again and again, far away over the Baltic sea in the east. There was no sound of thunder; it was dead silent. (Apparently — I had to look it up — thunder can sometimes be heard 40 kilometers away, depending on conditions, but is usually heard 15-20 kilometers away.)

The tiny swan would never be so silly as to call himself Celebrity Eclipse.

As a bonus, a few pics of the mighty mr Dog himself:

He saw a cat, a sea-cat.

Watching the sea, feeling huge and important.

We were once again arguing about wheather to cook the neighbour’s cat for dinner; Mr D expresses his disappointment at my pathetic lack of co-operation and predatory instincts.