lyme disease in the light of anthroposophy

Well, of course I had to google it.

Did you know that, in our dreadful modern times, the weakening of our human I ‘means the protective, self-regulating systems that help our immune system distinguish between self and not-self are being weakened from many directions: devitalized foods and soil, heavy metals toxicity, overuse of pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, chemicals, vaccinations, family emotional dysfunctions, and early over-intellectual education’? Robert Zieve, anthroposophical M.D., writes this. In earlier times (at one point humans and Lyme disease bacteria actually even co-existed harmoniously, we were not adversaries), our immune systems fought against illnesses, but now it, too, together with our I, is weakened which leads to diseases such as chronic Lyme disease (in mainstream medicine a contested diagnosis, I think, by the way) ‘because of an inner premature hardening of soul/spiritual life manifested as an inner tissue rigidity in our biochemistry and physiology, induced by combinations of the above contributing factors.’ (He means the factors mentioned in my previous quote.) Treatments that are recommended include: nutrition, herbs, ‘injectable bee venom’, acupuncture, homeopathy, colour therapy, eurythmy… among other therapies (all equally pointless as far as the infection is concerned, on the physical level). Antibiotics can harm in these so-called chronic cases, although it is useful in acute cases, he concedes. And of course there are emotional and spiritual issues as well, not to be forgotten:

‘… the deeper emotional issues call to be addressed and healed, such as with family constellation work. Stress on more subtle emotional and spiritual levels, if too strong to bear, will go down to the next vibratory level and manifest in physical biochemical and physiological dysfunctions and lead to symptoms.’

We must make friends with the bacteria again, and realize that ‘that healing is not merely personal but also social and cultural.’ I assume should we take precaution against the hazards Zieve mentions. Over-intellectual education might, after all, cause all kinds of harms.

Here’s an event I regret having to inform you that you have already missed:

‘Dr. Basil Williams is board certified in Anthroposophic Medicine, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease and Osteopathic Medicine. For the past four years he has given workshops at the Medical conferences in Dornach, Switzerland on topics ranging from Lyme disease in the Light of Anthroposophy to working with Elemental beings and healing substances. He is currently researching Autistic Spectrum Disorder.’

And, last but not least, treatment advice from True Botanica, a manufacturer of anthroposophical medicines.

3 thoughts on “lyme disease in the light of anthroposophy

  1. Ack, vibratory levels, shoulda known.

    Just glad to hear you are not feeling ill. Really good you jumped on this! My hubby watches tick bites nervously, too, but the one he has at the moment hasn’t turned into the classic “target” appearance, fortunately.

    Just checked in briefly on my Christian Science friends, who I find debating whether it’s a “black mark” against Christian Science that some practitioners cling to the proscription against medical treatment of any sort (younger CS’ers are more liberal, and feel you should go to the doctor if prayer isn’t working). I want to ask them, how is this a “black mark,” it’s the ENTIRE BASIS OF THE RELIGION. Why are you even a Christian Scientist if you don’t believe this – THIS is your theology, if you find you disagree with it, why not just leave this church? People are so irrational.

    (Speaking of religious-health beliefs. Sorry for threadjack from Lyme. Lately you can count on me to say something irrelevant early on!!)

  2. oh – I have a copy of the British Medical Journal here with an article about Lyme disease, it’s really boring though.

  3. I bet the BMJ is completely ignoring the vibratory levels! Which would be quite boring.

    Yes, I’m actually ok. A bit tired due to lack of sleep and will try to go to bed early tonight. I hope sleep happens on a good vibratory level.

    It is very fortunate to get the typical mark, because the symptoms can be so subtle, as they are for me now.

    I keep thinking of ticks, however, and it’s itching everywhere… Is it a tick? Is it a tick? I keep asking myself.

    What you write is always interesting, Diana, so feel free to threadjack any thread!!

    It would be so interesting to have these old gurus brought back and ask them questions based on the knowledge today — how would Steiner have thought of antibiotics, e g.

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