a lovely goetheanum brochure

Here’s a lovely little booklet. I’ve borrowed the ‘anthroposophists’ temple’ postcard from p 18. There were many photos I liked more, but I also liked the bluntness illustrated here — calling it a temple. Not sure who added the text, of course.

I like the old Otto Rietmann pictures of Goetheanum one and two (most of them, not all, are his). In the introduction it is claimed that the modern photos also included illustrate not only the development of photography but the development of human consciousness (something like that, the usual anthroposophical gab, in other words). I’d say, quite simply, that some of the new ones are just not very good (or at least they’re much worse than Rietmann’s), but if we’re trying to connect this with consciousness development, that would sound horribly pessimistic… I can’t see why an evolved consciousness could not make sure to remove the trash can, the bin bag and the ugly car on p 9, for example. I’m quite appalled at the modern world, its minds and their aesthetic abilities, actually. But Rietmann, I enjoy. The black and white. The light he captures.