meteor-like air-spirits?

I was looking for some place where Steiner says that nature is spiritually waking up during autumn to be most alive during winter (under the surface, you see, nature’s ways are very occult), whereas spring is for dying and summer… dead. I didn’t find it. But I found this instead. And it somehow fit very well to my photo of the last dying flowers of autumn. I assumed — naturally! — that the white fluff was fairies, but… maybe it’s something else? Perhaps it’s a swarm of meteor-like air-spirits descending upon the flowers and plants that are destined to die while nature wakes up and comes alive under the surface of the earth? Here’s Steiner:

‘I have told you that those beings which we call the nature-spirits of the water, work especially in the budding and sprouting plant-world. Those which we may call the nature-spirits of the air, play their part in late summer and autumn, when the plants prepare to fade and die. Then these meteor-like air-spirits sink down over the plant-world and saturate themselves, as it were, with the plants, helping them to fade away in their spring and summer forms. The disposition that at one time the spirits of the water, and at another the spirits of the air should work in this or that region of the earth, changes according to the different regions of the earth — in the northern part of the earth it is naturally quite different from what it is in the south. The office of directing, as it were, the suitable nature-spirits to their activities at the right time, is carried out by those spiritual beings which we learn to know when the occult vision is so far trained that, when we have freed ourselves from our physical and etheric bodies, we can still be conscious of our environment. There are spiritual beings, for instance, working in connection with our earth, with our earth-planet, who allot the work of the nature-spirits to the seasons of the year, and thus bring about the alternations of the seasons for the different regions of the earth, by distributing the work of the nature-spirits. These spiritual beings represent what we may call the astral body of the earth, into which man plunges with his own astral body at night when he falls asleep. This astral body, consisting of higher spirits which hover round the earth-planet and permeate it as a spiritual atmosphere, is united with the earth; and into this spirit-atmosphere man’s astral body plunges during the night-time.’ — Source.

Well, one can always speculate.