photos from a week in mid-september

the walkways on the island have become so familiar by now that I walk them in the dark at night, without flashlight. It’s a fascinating thing to do — it’s as though the sense of smell becomes more vivid in the absence of vision. It’s like, with a sharper sense of smell, I become more like mr Dog (though not anywhere near as superior, he adds, slightly insulted by the thought). A heightened awareness of mushrooms, decaying fruit, molding leaves, and other scents of autumn. After rain, the smells are even stronger, they’re damp and deep and strangely alive. Then, returning to our place, the garden and forest scents yield to the scent of sea.

the sunsets are the colour of strawberry ice-cream…

… and the double rainbow, one evening, spanned the entire universe.

soft and golden autumn sunrise arrives later and later each day

… and dying nature sparkles in the setting sun.

the season for exotic cruise ships is over, now there are only the ordinary, mundane passenger ships (people never stop going to Finland, apparently).

the jungle is still green

… but the colour of the sea is constantly changing, with weather, with time of day with… all these things, and it’s never the same.

it’s like a christmas tree, isn’t it, with sparkly, shiny things!

also slightly… christmas-like, is it not?

(crazy light effect, not really sure what happened or it it’s cool or not…)

5 thoughts on “photos from a week in mid-september

  1. These are beautiful images, Alicia. I like them all. The blueness of the light on the tree trunks in 1,5 and 9 is magical and evocative.
    It rained all the time I was in Norrtälje 10 days ago!

  2. Yes, very beautiful (though the light does continue to mystify me).
    I envy you having somewhere you feel comfortable walking alone in the dark at night. There’s nowhere I could walk alone in total darkness and feel safe. Probably, at our farm, it’s fairly safe, but I wouldn’t FEEL safe, and I wouldn’t do it.

  3. Thank you both! Lots of rain lately…

    (I’m not sure the trunks are really supposed to have a blue tone; I think the camera — the auto white-balance — is misinterpreting the light conditions! It’s good it works though…)

    Yes, it seems safe enough, and I’m guarded by a fierce dragon! There are barely any people at all, anyway, this time of the year! But the whole place is developed — there are cottages everywhere, very little space left. There is a small wooded area, but I don’t go there very often because of the ticks.

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