undead in the eurythmy hall

I’m reading some news, and here’s a German waldorf father with novel and unconventional ideas; he wants to produce a waldorf zombie movie:

‘Ich jedenfalls werde versuchen, mit der achten Klasse meiner Tochter einen Waldorf-Zombie-Film zu drehen. Bei diesem praktischen Medienprojekt werden die Schüler mehr über die Mechanismen der Medien lernen als durch mahnende Worte. Im Film wird es um Waldorflehrer gehen, die sich durch Nahrungsmittel vom Discounter in Untote verwandeln und sich auf der Suche nach biodynamisch erzeugter Nahrung auf ihre Schüler stürzen. Wer Lust hat: Wir suchen noch fünf Darsteller und einen engagierten Visagisten in den nächsten Frühjahrsferien.’

Here’s the article.

I’d like to know if this project survives the collision with that thing known as waldorf reality. If not, he can simply shoot a eurythmy performance.


4 thoughts on “undead in the eurythmy hall

  1. Yesss! At last a Waldorf parent who lives in the mainstream of the present times! What a wonderful dramaturgical twist that the zombies need biodynamic food…And Alicia; I should be insulted by your last shot there, but I am sorry, so sorry, to say you are right. This art form that has the potential to enliven so much, is drawn to its grave by performers that look and move like..well..zombies.

  2. Unfortunately, yes. And it’s over 20 years since I saw any eurythmy ‘live’. But these days one only needs youtube to be reminded…

    And how waldorf schools hope to engage children in this activity is difficult to understand — the teachers were hopeless. I’d say the subject is hopeless enough — as a child, you don’t understand, it’s this incomprehensible, superserious thing nobody is allowed to laugh at no matter how ridiculous it seems — and then you add eurythmy teaches who are even more hopeless, in an elevated and serene way. Disaster.

  3. “this incomprehensible, superserious thing nobody is allowed to laugh at no matter how ridiculous it seems” Beautiful! – One remembers the sentence from a book by Albert Engström:”Skämta inte med det heliga, grabbar, hur löjligt det än kan te sig!” Can it be translated thus: “don´t you ridicule the Holy, boys, no matter how ridiculous it seems”? Of course the dialect is missing, but anyhow….

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