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Here’s a new book that seems promising and entertaining. Wolfgang Vögele has compiled this collection of tidbits which is published by Futurum Verlag. From the publisher’s description:

‘Die Anekdoten über Rudolf Steiner gehen in die Hunderte. Was Zeitgenossen über die Begegnung mit ihm in alltäglichen Situationen berichten, ergibt ein anderes Bild, als kritiklose Bewunderer oder scharfe Skeptiker zu zeichnen pflegen.’

Read more. (The book cover picture has been borrowed from the publisher Futurum’s website.)

An earlier collection also compiled by Vögele, Der andere Rudolf Steiner, is also worth mentioning. Quite an entertaining read overall.


2 thoughts on “steiner anecdotes

  1. Oh, I love this kind of books (and any that give a personal view of Steiner)! For some reason, none of them ever made it into a Swedish translation AFAIK. Have you read the one by LFC Mees? (Wie Rudolf Steiner sprach : Erinnerungen an Selbsterlebtes und Gehörtes)

  2. Yes, it’s so much fun! It’s a pity they aren’t translated, but I guess too few people are interested (… to remind people that the great man with the higher insights was a human! Oh, no, better not…).

    No, unfortunately not. There’s another one I’ve been looking for, by Fred Poeppig… It seems quite rare though. (It’s Poeppig who mentions Steiner talking to a dog about canineosophy. Which I find very endearing…)

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