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Most people who read this blog are already aware that both Pete and Roger have posted translations of Grégoire Perra‘s article. I wrote about it last weekend, and I think I’ve already said the important things that need to be said. This is basically only intended as information about the available translations by Roger and Pete. Roger’s is still a work in progress. I regret not having read through these translations before posting this, but I figure that information about their existence is more important than me reading them.

I also wish, some time in the future, to discuss what Grégoire has to say in his essay (something which will be much easier now that there are English translations of it). There was an interesting discussion on Facebook after I posted the link to my previous post. I happen to think there were several strands of thought worth pursuing again, not only in that discussion but in the article itself. (I discussed a few things in a response to one of Grégoire’s blog posts earlier, although I feel my random reflections then were quite inadequately developed.)

However, at this point, the one thing that really matters is this: expressing one’s thoughts and experiences, the way Grégoire has done, should not end you up in court. No matter how frustrated, hurt, insulted, defamed, et cetera, the anthroposophists, with their sensitive toes, feel — there’s no way taking legal action is the right path to tread. Even if Grégoire was entirely wrong about everything — which is not the case — would this be the correct manner of dealing with it. I have already argued this emphatically, and I can only reiterate: anthroposophists can’t win this fight about their reputation in a trial. Even if they won, they would have proven what they set about to disprove, namely that they’re a cult to beware of. Which seems pretty stupid, quite frankly.

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