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I was really thinking about mushrooms, because I’ve eaten so much mushrooms lately, and I remembered what Steiner said about mushrooms and I also remembered that hilarious article in Das Goetheanum. Then I came across this. It’s some seemingly incomplete notes from one of Steiner’s esoteric lectures, and the lecture should appear in GA 266. Here’s a part of the short version:

Mushrooms are very harmful; they contain hindering lunar forces, and everything that arose on the old Moon signifies rigidification. Likewise legumes aren’t very advisable because their nitrogen pollutes the etheric body. Proteins make mastery of sexual passions difficult. Sugar promotes independence, and should be avoided by egotistical people. People who tend towards envy, deceit and bad will should avoid cucurbits and vine plants in general. The sweet, intoxicating aroma of melons darkens clear, intellectual consciousness and should be avoided by emotional people. Apples intensify the urge to dominate in some people and often lead to rudeness and brutality. The high iron content in cherries and strawberries isn’t good for everyone.

If someone wants to undergo training in thinking, he mainly needs a well-constructed, healthy brain apparatus. Since present-day parents seldom give their children such well-built brains, one needs help to strengthen one’s brain apparatus. And here it’s mainly filberts that supply the brain-building substance. All other nuts are of less value and peanuts should be avoided altogether. Milk butter is the best fat. Coffee supports logical thinking, but doesn’t make one a logical thinker by itself. Drinking too much coffee leads to hysteria in people who don’t think much. One can get good ideas by drinking tea or by doing special exercises.

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inedible and poisonous remnant from the old Moon

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  1. Thanks for this fun surprise to read. I love the tone of these old esoteric texts, the matter-of-fact certainty in the voice. I could read this all day.

  2. I agree, that was a fun read. I love the really practical advice. The less basis it has in reality, the greater the certitude with which it is expressed, and that confidence is one of the secrets of master gurus. They never hesitate to simply shamelessly make stuff up, knowing that the more ridiculous and unsupported it is, the more likely people are to believe it.

  3. Do you want fries with that?

    “The potato takes little care of lung and heart. It reaches the head, but only, as I said, the lower head, not the upper head. It does go into the lower head, where one thinks and exercises critical faculties. Therefore, you can see, in earlier times there were fewer journalists. There was no printing industry yet. Think of the amount of thought expended daily in this world in our time, just to bring the newspapers out! All that thinking, it is much too much, it is not at all necessary — and we have to thank the potato diet for that! Because a person who eats potatoes is constantly stimulated to think. He can’t do anything but think. That’s why his lungs and his heart become weak. Tuberculosis, lung tuberculosis, did not become widespread until the potato diet was introduced. And the weakest human beings are those living in regions where almost nothing else is grown but potatoes, where the people live on potatoes.” Steiner, R. (1924; GA0354). Lecture II (link), in the series of lectures: Nutrition and Health.

  4. “Therefore, you can see, in earlier times there were fewer journalists.”

    I laughed out loud there. Eat potatoes in preparation for a career in journalism!

  5. “The [Jewish] race has a tendency towards diabetes. Jews have a certain difficulty in assimilating sugar, on the other hand they need it. Therefore the Jewish diet should be such that it helps the body as much as possible to make use of sugar and not excrete it right away. . . . Above all the eating of pork was forbidden in order to prevent diabetes, since pig meat makes the proper utilisation of sugar particularly difficult for man. . . . Even the Jewish method of slaughter, for instance the way of killing poultry or other animals, is calculated to leave the correct amount of blood in the meat which the Jew eats, for the proper utilisation of sugar.””

    From: Nutrition and Stimulants by Rudolf Steiner, A Review by Bobby Matherne,, look for: “[page 47, 48]”.

  6. Dear Dog.

    ‘They never hesitate to simply shamelessly make stuff up, knowing that the more ridiculous and unsupported it is, the more likely people are to believe it.’

    And once they believe that, they’ll believe everything.

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