autumn walk

Mr Dog and I have been on a walk. We met a lady who charmed mr Dog with cat food. He has forbidden me to mention it to anyone, as it is (I’m sure you understand) extremely embarrassing. So don’t tell anyone else, please.

Edit: more photos…


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  1. curt jansson · ·

    Funny way of yours to keep a secret. Now you have posted Mr Dog´s embarrasment all over the internet. I gather he´s rather sour on you, and rightly so (if, by chance, he can read and handle a computer).

  2. Hollywood Tomfortas · ·


    Dog-shaming is a new trend in our Threefold Social Media Order.

  3. You’re right, Curt. He’s very VERY angry with me. I’ve had to compensate him with lots of treats and distract him with discussions about bunnies. Of course he can read and handle a computer… what an insult!!

  4. As for the dog shaming, we don’t think any of these dogs are the least bit ashamed! They obviously all chose to do what they did. No doubt for good reasons!

  5. Hollywood Tomfortas · ·

    Well, OK, then, that’s their dogma!

  6. curt jansson · ·

    I asked about the reading and stuff because His Corginess feels too elevated by his Royal Status to be involved in crude technology. It pleases me that I can tell him there are dogs that, dignity notwithstanding, are no snobs.
    And, Hollywoodstar Tom, if you want to live a shameless, blameless life, become a dog!

  7. Hollywood Tomfortas · ·

    Sorry, I’m already a cat in this life.

  8. curt jansson · ·

    Oh-ah, even worse….Well, miauw to you with knobs on!

  9. Tell His Corginess that technology is useful for spreading important messages. Such as messages about the superiority of dogs.

    Poor Tom is already lost to the dark forces, I’m afraid. He needs many incarnations to redeem himself. But there’s still hope.

  10. Hollywood Tomfortas · ·

    Oooohhh, Alicia! I must say that is the quintessence of a catty remark!

  11. Mr Dog is observing me suspiciously… catty? Will he have to chase and kill me?


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