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This blog is an egotistical project, from beginning to end. I wouldn’t have said a word about anthroposophy or that ancient, dead guy, had they not had so much to do with me, had I not felt compelled to do something about this. Lately, I’ve felt I’ve been absent here. I’ve written few posts, and some were even useful, they argued important things. But other than that, I’ve felt absent. Time to insert myself here, once again. Bring things back to what they were. I’d like to sit in a corner of one of those sofas… a lot more. Champagne and ice-cream; people chatting about… what is it now, I’m out of the loop again — anthroposophy without waldorf, waldorf without anthroposophy…? I hope Rudi recognizes me when he wakes up from his nap.

I already posted this on facebook, because I didn’t think it fit here. But then I thought, it does. I love the reflections of the trees and the sky. The evening sun making the flowers shine. The place is lacking sofas.

It was summer then, july. Yesterday, the first snow fell in Stockholm. Winter darkness is enshrining us.


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  1. Hey Alicia. (whispering) Thanks for your welcome and inviting us in. Is it OK to stay and join the conversation? (stepping back carefully towards the door – where’s Rudi?)

  2. Yes of course, welcome and sit down — have a drink! May I suggest a hot drink, perhaps an ethereal irish coffee, it’s freezing today…

    Rudi is probably asleep — check the sofas, listen for snoring! (In case he’s fallen down on the floor… It happens!)

  3. Great! Thanks. (sets coat aside)

    Great! Thanks Alicia.

    The last time I drank irish Coffee was many years ago in Ireland. By chance, I’ve brought some etheric irish soda bread that we can share as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    I’ll sit here, it looks comfortable. I can’t stay long. Just popped by to see whether you were in.

    (Waiting. The welcome smell of coffee. I do like that chandalier. What a lovely garden!)

  4. You’ve got the feeling for it!

    Lovely bread! *chewing away*

    I haven’t had irish coffee in many years myself, actually. It felt like the day for it though. Very chilly here in Stockholm at the moment. Sort of a real life to ethereal kiosk cross-over there. Senses from different realms blend… as it should be.

    I am in, I’m slightly behind in the karma thread though!

  5. By the way. Initially, I mistook the bread. Luckily, I left the etheric bread at home and brought the specially made etherial bread instead. Just as well. :-)

    Hmm.. Good, strong coffee! It reminds me of summer in Dublin.

    Ah … Karma. Now, there’s a huge if hidden cross-over notion, I reckon.

    Locally, it is understood in such widely different ways. Informally, I understand that it relates to views of community life, affecting individual well-being.

    I have even heard tell that Rudolf Steiner didn’t actually manage to fully develop his ideas. Apparently the anthroposophists strongly opposed his efforts. Quite a surprise. :-) But who really knows now in 2012? …

    A real ethereal cross over happening now as I’m enjoying my coffee. The TV is bringing news of a new drug developed to remove feelings of fear on the battlefield. Somehow, this seems really relevant, even though karma isn’t mentioned.

    Aagh .. and I came in to relax. Were you intrigued by the thread or my contribution?

    Thinking about blends, I really like your ethereal coffee Alicia … *sipping*

  6. (Cough!) Took a “reality check”. It is a sensational show, making a point about what “can happen” in life. That just Just shows what can happen on entering an ethereal nexus of two media.

    Really sorry Alicia, I’ll just take another sip (upset. walking over to the window).

    Well, I never said that karma was an easy subject!! At least I checked the evidence. Perhaps it proves the need to confirm reports before drawing final conclusions.

  7. (Bored at looking at my ethereal reflection)

    Where was I?

    About to take another sip of that wonderful coffee. (Mmm..)

    Especially in contemporary life, karma is a contested subject, Somehow, the very mention of it can be seen as an affront to our everyday experience. Yet it is taken quite seriously by many and some consequences of this are increasingly evident in both local communities and public life. As we both know, doctrines of karma can also figure strongly in esoteric traditions, reaching towards Theosophy in England.

    For many years and into the present, I have grappled with this theme, finding it quite difficult to accept.

  8. Well, Alicia,

    Revisiting the ethereal space once again.

    Another sip of that wonderful coffee may be in order *and some of that bread*. Reflecting upon the unfolding thread and its progress, can i continue? You seem to be alert to the thread and also listening intently. There is still some time left before i must leave, so here goes.

    (sitting forward in my seat, reaching out)

    i’m continuing with comments relating to the karma thread as you suggested. I really struggle to make sense of karma and relate it to my biography. Indeed, i meet a strong personal resistence to the idea. That’s just how it is and has been for many years. In anthroposophical study groups, I have been known for my transgressive views. Generally, that has been OK, as in my experience such discussions have to accommodate what is now known as “difference” or “conflict”.

    So, just imagine. This afternoon, i had an amazing (brief, real time say 30 second) conversation with a local (previously unknown to me) coffee shop assistant in the centre of town. To my surprise, the conversation moved into aspects of reincarnation and karma from very small beginnings (discussing my “girly” choice of cake). In my experience, i emphasise that this is very rare indeed – now twice in 40 years with people i have met. You may imagine that I was rather disturbed yet intrigued, especially as we just shared notions explicable by “Steiner’s perspective” in a way that unified our experiences,

    With an instinctively skeptical view, i am still struggling to comprehend “Steiner’s perspective on karma”. Somehow, i just cannot marshal the evidence (or link “concept” to “percept” in terms of the “Philosophy of Freedom”).While today’s brief incident may suggest a small degree of what is called “triangulation” in current parlance, i am aware of a need to relate the notion of karma to the way in which other elements of spiritual science relate to my experience and sense-perception.

    As a (t)rusty lawyer :-), I reckon you will understand when I say “the jury’s still out”.

    Following the thread, I’m more caught up with perspectives on what i would call “karma” following currently accepted discursive practices. Before continuing, i must emphasise that my use of this designation does not strive to belittle the many clear expressions of difference, pain, anger, frustration and moral outrage that have reached me through cyberspace. Indeed, i recognise their reality.

    *eating* … I reckon you are still listening.

    In my view, abuse is unacceptable and bullying is to be condemned.

    If you are following upcoming news in the UK, these are (in my view quite appropriately) seen as rights issues. In passing, civilian views of rights/justice may differ from common law ones. i suggest that this side of the Channel Tunnel (and south of the Cheviot Hills), these are comprehensively and intrinsically ethical matters. But of course I defer to your expertise here.

    Thus, i cannot see how questions of karma or critiques of “karma” are relevant.

    From the thread, i accept that it is possible to derive “theories of karma” lexically from a more or less careful reading of (very much or rather little) material attributed to Rudolf Steiner. Further, i appreciate that it is possible to view such “theories of karma” as having an explanatory value in a particular situation. Indeed, i would suggest that the thread itself may be ample evidence of the problem of addressing difference and establishing proof.

    (Sorry Alicia .. i’m checking my ethereal watch at this point :-)

    (Er … i reckon those ethereal pictures are wonderful)

    Now i can (only?) hear real-time fireworks (outside?) – Diwali/Bobfire Night

    As noted above, such views of “karma” demonstrate more heartfelt and stronger convictions than i hold about karma.

    Alicia, many thanks. The Thread originated in a Blog posting about political events and personalities in the US. I have yet to pursue this through an Internet search and plan to do so in the next day or so. My reading of the tail suggests that concerns about public life are compared with views about anthroposophical life. While at this point, i have no ethical/personal view, you may appreciate how i view the pursuit of spiritual science as an emancipatory practice.

    in offering these comments, i am not in any way intending to define or suggest any limits to the right of criticism. Following contemporary perspectives, i would perhaps suggest that criticism could be critical. That may help.

    Thanks Alicia.

  9. Let me just say that this is all brilliantly funny. I might have to give you the key to the ethereal kiosk’s liquor cabinet.

    ‘My reading of the tail’ — canineosophically speaking, that’s the important thing to read.

    (I will be getting back to threads, I promise. And although my old computer does actually work right now — it’s slightly erratic, to say the least — I spent this morning getting a new one. Which is still in its box, because I’m afraid of it.)

    Speaking of conversations, I once had an utterly unexpected conversation about biodynamic agriculture with a shop assistant, who had stronger views than I could have imagined I would encounter in someone I met just randomly because I was out shopping food. Positive views. But s/he thought biodynamics was being destroyed by too commercial considerations. Or something. Now, that’s karma. Or something.

    (Reminding myself to return to the karma thread. As soon as possible.)

    ‘I have even heard tell that Rudolf Steiner didn’t actually manage to fully develop his ideas.’

    I think he might even have said that himself.

  10. As they say on TV (“Gotcha!!).

    Help!! I’ve fallen off the ethereal chair. Oww .. Now I reckon Rufus is waking up.

    Growl. (muted)

    i reckon he’s about to contribute!

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