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  1. As my husband is fond of saying about our biggest cat, there goes a Large and Important Animal.

  2. Whoops. Sorry for dopey double posting. I had several web pages open, and I saw the comment sitting there and thought I had forgotten to click Send.

  3. how are you getting on now where you are? I saw you wrote a tree had fallen on a neighbour’s house.

  4. We are fine. The wind was pretty scary Monday night but we never lost power. Hubby is stuck in Boston (no trains, no flights) but we were very lucky. Many people here are suffering serious losses.

  5. I am glad to see Diana and her loved ones are unharmed after ‘Sandy’.

    Mr Dog is clearly in harmony with the rhythms of the universe. He is listening to the angels tweeting.
    (or their equivalent thereof, I guess it may be awkward without fingers)

  6. Large and Important, indeed! Mr Dog glows with pride. It is worth saying twice, so he thinks the double-posting was quite appropriate.

    Good to hear you’re ok! I thought about you when I followed the news and I saw all those horrible pictures, but none were from Pennsylvania and I thought maybe you hadn’t been so badly hit over there. But given the damage visible on the pictures I did see, I can very well imagine that even being in a somewhat less afflicted areas must have been scary.

  7. ‘Mr Dog is clearly in harmony with the rhythms of the universe. He is listening to the angels tweeting.
    (or their equivalent thereof, I guess it may be awkward without fingers)’

    Yes, tweeting with wings is always a problem. But with modern technology, they only have to whisper their tweet to a smart-phone, which then transforms it into written words! It’s ahrimanic, of course, so they have to be careful.

    Mr Dog wants to remind you, however, that it is the angels who listen to him, not the other way around. He’s teaching them everything about harmony, bliss and bunny chasing. And the universe.

  8. Alicia,

    While gazing at Mr. Dog sitting in that attentive caninesophical Buddha posture, I began to focus on the wild strands of unruly and unkempt hair streaming from Mr. Dog’s physical body as revelatory emanations of his strikingly vibrant etheric or formative-force body. At first I was distressed, wondering if the wildness of Mr. Dog’s hair, especially in his face was some kind of impediment to his bunny hunting, say. But then I realized, no, this is Mr. Dog in his most pristine natural state, and then suddenly, I had an overwhelming revelation from the spiritual world, a spiritual cognition of the deepest world historical significance, and thereby I was able to solve the mystery of Mr. Dog’s caneinesophical connection to Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy.

    Alicia, I may now reveal to you the caninesophical/anthroposophical secret of the 5th Post-Atlantean Epoch:

    *********** MR. DOG IS ENKIDU!!! ************

    Who is Enkidu, you say? (also known as Eabani.)

    None other than the very first earthly incarnation of Rudolf Steiner.

    Now read the description of Eabani/Enkidu in all his hairy unkempt wildness and tell me that it is not a description of Mr. Dog sitting there today in that photo.

    I excerpt from Lecture 1 of the Occult History cycle given December 27, 1910 in Stuttgart, GA126


    There was once a great king, by name Gilgamish. From the name itself, one who understands such matters will recognise that here we have to do not merely with a physical king, but with a divinity standing behind him, a spiritual Individuality by whom the king of Erech is inspired, who works and acts through him. Thus we have to do with one who in the real sense must be called a god-man. [see Note 4]

    The story narrates that he oppresses the city of Erech. The city turns to its deity, Aruru, and she causes a helper to arise out of the earth. These are pictures of the myth. We shall see what deeply significant historical events lie behind it.

    The Goddess of the City produces Eabani out of the earth. Eabani is a kind of human being who, in comparison with Gilgamish, seems to be of an inferior nature, for we are told that he was clothed in the skins of animals, was covered with hair, was like a wild man. Nevertheless in his wild nature there was divine Inspiration, ancient clairvoyance, clairvoyant knowledge, clairvoyant perception.

    Eabani is depicted as being clothed in skins of animals. This is an indication of his wild nature; but because of this very wildness he is still endowed with ancient clairvoyance on the one hand, and on the other hand, he is a young soul who has lived through far, far fewer incarnations than other souls who have reached a high level of development.

    Thus Gilgamish represents a being who was ready for initiation but was not able to attain it, . . . . On the one side we see in Gilgamish the actual inaugurator of the Chaldean-Babylonian culture, and working behind him a divine-spiritual Being, a kind of Fire-Spirit. [see Note 6] And beside Gilgamish there is another individuality — Eabani — a young soul who descended late to earthly incarnation. . . . Clairvoyance from the divine man, Gilgamish, and clairvoyance from the young soul, Eabani, penetrate into the Chaldean-Babylonian culture. This process, enacted by two beings working side by side, each of whom is necessary to the other, is then reflected in the later, 4th culture-epoch, the Greco-Latin, and in fact reflected on the physical plane.


    I now bring up a matter of the greatest Victorian-era delicacy and modesty. How shall I put it? It involves the extremely discreet matter of the transition from caninesophical fructification to anthroposophical fructification. Luckily, Tarjei Straume has circumspectly preserved the documentation online at his Uncle Taz website for us all to witness today. Therefore, I can provide the link and suffer only minimal blushing as I need not explain it all myself in such lewd and lurid graphic detail.


    Therein you shall read how the wild and unkempt hairy savage man Enkidu with all that atavistic animal-like clairvoyance was literally “brought down to earth” by the charms and wiles of a Babylonian/Chaldean temple harlot chosen to seduce him in a 7 day, uh, “fructify-a-thon” that concluded in the wild and hairy man Enkidu losing his previous connection to the animal kingdom.

    Yet there sits Mr. Dog today, a living and eternal tribute to the original appearance of Rudolf Steiner in his earthly sojourn about 5,000 years ago. That’s exactly how Rudolf Steiner looked when he was still a virgin.

    And you, Alicia, are of course . . . . Gilgamesh.


    PS As an extra added bonus on Tarjei’s page, you can also read a posting made by Sune Nordwall in 1999 accusing both me and Dan Dugan of gang-raping Rudolf Steiner – not physically of course, but astrally over the Internet. All I can say is Thank Dog no one made a video of it.

  9. ” thought about you when I followed the news and I saw all those horrible pictures, but none were from Pennsylvania and I thought maybe you hadn’t been so badly hit over there. But given the damage visible on the pictures I did see, I can very well imagine that even being in a somewhat less afflicted areas must have been scary.”

    The storm was huge. The entire east coast was targeted, it just wasn’t possible to know exactly where catastrophic damage would occur; turned out to basically be the Jersey shore. although the Connecticut coastline, Long Island, Queens and Staten Island were hard hit too. Manhattan was largely without power until this morning. The Jersey shore is less than 2 hours from here, it’s where Philadelphians go in the summer. New Jersey is the Philadelphia suburbs (at this end; at the northern end it’s suburbs of NYC). Pennsylvania had less damage, relative to the horrific damage elsewhere. There are dozens of large trees down in our neighborhood. We were just lucky. Lots of my coworkers live in New Jersey and many don’t expect to have power again until next week; schools were closed all week, My boss own(ed) a shore home in Brigantine, NJ; it was destroyed, but she’s counting her blessings – they weren’t in it when the storm struck, so it’s the loss of a beach house, which doesn’t equate to loss of life or loss of a primary home. Public transportation was shut down for nearly 3 days. This morning my husband got on a train heading south from Boston; we’ll see what time he gets here – NYC is the snarly point, although the Connecticut shoreline was ripped up pretty badly too. Amtrak did not run up and down the east coast for several days (flooded tunnels, trees and other debris across the tracks, etc.). Last I heard the NYC subway wasn’t running yet, entire stations are still underwater.

  10. The good part of it was the (very influential) Republican governor of New Jersey all-but-endorsing the reelection of Barack Obama … followed swiftly by the more-or-less-Republican mayor of New York actually endorsing him.

  11. Glad you’re OK Diana. I have friends who live on the Jersey shore and the before and after pictures are pretty sad. I was thinking what a slightly better story it would have been if Christie was actually running against Obama – and they put aside their differences for a few days… for the sake of the people. I expect a made-for-tv movie about it soon…

  12. Thanks, Tom, that’s hilarious. Of course, it’s quite obvious that mr Dog is Steiner, or the same spirit as in Steiner, reincarnated. He’s made some progress since last time around.

  13. if steiner was inkydoo then he was less developed and his aryan friends wouldnt have liked him,so how did he get out of that one,or is his second name houdini?and where was the geographical location lemuria,manchuria,or manuria???

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