‘birthing the threefold spirit child of anthroposophia’

If you want to read something ghastly, I can recommend this document, published by the Anthroposophical Society of America. The title alone should tell you that I’m right. It is ghastly. I’ll present you with some examples, but, really, the document as a whole is an experience, and I could pick any sentences or passages almost at random:

As we head toward the Holy Nights of 2012, we experience an intensifying birthing process and the increasing labor pains of earthly life. (p 2)

A second crucifixtion is occurring in the etheric life around the earth and every living creature. (p 2)

The Calendar of the Soul verses speak directly to the co‐creative essence of our soul as a Madonna or Midwife. We are able to birth ourselves anew each year through the intimate relationship that consummates itself between our soul and the “Creative Creator Word” through the seasonal cycle of the year. (p 3)

The soul is our birthing ground, the vessel through which we can find our way to the wisdom of Sophia within and about us. She can be met and made whole by the Universal “I” of Christ in us. (p 5)

The Universal Creative Powers were able to view their own evolutionary activity within the perceptions of Rudolf Steiner from a spiritual scientific perspective – most likely for the first time in human history. (p 7)

And, behold the numerological magic on page 8 (as well as on p 23). I won’t quote, but will say that it is a relief to know that the presented hypothesis about the importance of the year 2012 (and the 12 holy nights this year) are numerologically, scientifically, spiritually sound. The reasoning must be read as a whole. To continue:

We believe the next octave to the birth of our individual Spirit Child is to begin to collectively form an “I to I” threefold social vessel so that the threefold Spirit Child of Anthroposophia can fully incarnate and be birthed into the world through and with us. Dec. 28th of Holy Nights 2012 we will enter a 3 x 33.3 year anniversary of the original founding of the Anthroposophical Society which was founded to support spiritual research and to serve the needs of the soul to understand the spiritual foundations out of which it continues to evolve.  This was the beginning of the creation of a social vessel to serve the incarnation of the being Anthroposophia. (p 8)

The author then manages to mention the mayan calendar, which ends on december 21st, and to connect this to anthroposophical calendar wisdom.

On page 10 we learn a little more about Steiner’s and Ita Wegman’s previous incarnations (as if more lunacy is needed to be added to this article):

Those who listened with a sensitive soul realized that Rudolf Steiner spoke in imaginations that revealed his and Ita Wegman’s karmic background to the Egyptian cultural epic as Eabani  and Gilgamesh in 2909 BC just after the beginning of Kali Yuga. This coincides with the first historical Michael Age. […] Steiner continued to lead the participants through 5000 years of recorded history as he intimately revealed the historical destiny impulse carried by both he and Ita Wegman. The most awe‐inspiring of all, when one reads it for the first time, is the implication of a previous incarnation of Rudolf Steiner as Aristotle and Ita Wegman as Alexander the Great.

I gather that the author believes strongly in this ‘implication’. (Was Steiner ever explicit about his previous incarnations? I mean, are there any records of him being explicit?) Wegman and Steiner have lived through nine incarnations together, ‘since 2909 BC’ (p 13):

What we start to see in light of the various incarnations of Rudolf Steiner that it is his world mission to be an emissary of Michael, along with his closest comrade Ita Wegman.

As for speculations on karma, not even Steiner is spared:

As karma would have it, Steiner died before this social deed could be fully implemented and brought to fruition.

All right, the author doesn’t speculate about the karmic cause. Nonetheless, she assumes karma had it its way. That karma was a factor, deciding the time of his death. The document then discusses — in a somewhat bizarre fashion — what to do with Steiner’s unfinished first class lessons. Christopher Houghton-Budd’s questions, quoted on page 18-19, shows the dependancy on the person, on Steiner. As for Steiner’s failed prophecy that millions of people would gravitate towards anthroposophy, ‘this has not happened due to karmic breakdowns, wrongful expulsion of members, (including Rudolf Steiner’s soul mate, Ita Wegman), the unthreefolding of the Society, and lack of initiative, insight and compassionate co‐creative leadership among the members.’

To round up this post, the article contains some… questions (p 22):

Are we willing to go through the labor pains to birth the three‐fold spirit child of Anthroposophia, first from out of ourselves, then in our families, communities and in right relationship in three‐fold initiatives with one another? Can we begin to co‐create threefold initiative circles that can support one another and help humanity build the bridge to the future?

There’s apparently some kind of telephone conference is to be held to discuss these pressing concerns.

I recommend the article. It’s special, and it’s ghastly, as I warned you. I must admit I feel slightly queasy from the baby analogies, the ‘heavenly begotten spirit child’, vessels, thoughts about wombs and fruitions, soul-midwives, apocalyptical references, sleeping through crucifixions, unpleasant expressions and anthroposophese in general, and so forth. Also from stuff about offering ones spirit and destiny to be a vessel for the incarnation of anthroposophy, the metaphorical (?) child. It’s bonkers, you know, bonkers. Frightening bonkers. This is an anthroposophy detached from normal human life. Perhaps that might just be one reason there are no prophesied millions of anthroposophists around. Who wants to live something that appears more similar to Alien than to a more sober spiritual philosophy?

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  1. In the town where I was born (to quote a Beatles song), people used to say, “There’s nowt(nothing) so queer as folk”. And a lot of those queer folk seem to be attracted to anthroposophy, Alicia.

    (‘Queer’ does not mean ‘gay’ in this old saying).

  2. I’m envisioning a queen in eurythmy robe giving birth to the spirit child anthroposophia, while exclaiming (in that sing-song voice) words too big and glorious for any human being to carry, without sounding like a fool. It’s pretty queer, also in a gay sense. Sort of. Copper bling-bling is not quite the right thing.

    But, yes, you’re right.

    And I shall fall asleep now, before I have any more ‘visions’…

  3. Alicia: “I gather that the author believes strongly in this ‘implication’. (Was Steiner ever explicit about his previous incarnations? I mean, are there any records of him being explicit?) Wegman and Steiner have lived through nine incarnations together, ‘since 2909 BC’ (p 13):” —–As far as I know, no. Frank

  4. what a hoot i was rolling about reading those solemn high falutin expressions of grandeur please more more itcould be a comedy in several parts on the tv who knows which famous oracles might not takepart etherically,astrally and phsysically ooo horror of horrows maybe,the higher one will shimmy into the room with a shwung and ahhh that can be winiona riderless and the guardian of thrashinhold can be be kevin branna ooooaaaahhhhhdrift

  5. Frank claimed ignorance when Alicia asked him if Steiner made any explicit reference to his past incarnations —- As far as I know, no.



    You have me simmering in my own metabolism like one of those shifty-eyed Negroes Steiner described in the FCL (Forbidden Colored Lecture — March 3, 1923, GA 349).

    I’m doing a slow burn here, so I’ll start by tarring you with the favorite most affected word of Lady Diana, the finest legalistic mind of her generation:

    Frank, you are being so disingenuous here.

    Now I’m more than simmering, Frank; I’m positively cooking inside like one of those high-metabolic Negroes and I am now so appalled at your lying behavior that I can only summon the faux outrage of our favorite Astro-Turf Waldorf Critic, Pete K, and express myself to you like he would:

    That’s BULLSHIT Frank! You can’t LIE about not knowing how explicit Steiner was about his past incarnations … well, you can, I suppose, but I’ll call you on it every time I hear that BS.

    So, do you mean to tell me, Senor Francisco Tomaso Smith, that in all your decades of being an anthroposophist, with all the trips you have made to Dornach, to Germany, to England, all in the last 36 years, that you never once heard of this book?

    Die Menscheitsaufgabe Rudolf Steiners und Ita Wegman,
    von Margarete & Erich Kirchner-Bockholt
    published in Dornach in 1976.

    Translated into English and published in 1997 as:
    Rudolf Steiner’s Mission and Ita Wegman

    Here is a review of that book by Bobby Matherne.

    In this book, the Bockholts publish a love poem that Rudolf Steiner hand wrote himself to Ita Wegman. In it, he goes through all 6 incarnations they had together in their proper temporal and destiny sequence.

    Now I suppose you could become just as legalistic as Diana and claim that Steiner is being implicit here. (Bobby Matherne identified the players in parentheses in his review. They do not appear in Steiner’s original.)

    But that argument fails because everyone around Steiner knew who these people were since he had discussed all of them at one time or another with his “inner circle.” So this poem is quite explicit to those in the know in Dornach.

    Here are the 6 incarnations of Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman as Steiner himself wrote it out and allowed its private publication, for members only. Owen Barfield translated the poem from the German.

    I ask by the Tigris (Enkidu a.k.a. Eabani)
    A friendly nod says “Yes”. (Gilgamesh)

    I ask at Ephesus (Cratylus)
    A friendly nod says “Yes”. (Mysa)

    I ask with the Kabiri (Aristotle)
    A friendly nod says “Yes”. (Alexander)

    I ask on Odile’s hill (Schionatulander)
    A friendly nod says “Yes”. (Sigune)

    I ask in the Cloister-cell (Thomas Aquinas)
    A friendly nod says “Yes”. (Reginald of Piperno)

    And on the Domach hill (Rudolf Steiner)
    There must the soul again
    Find herself with courage
    That she may truly know (Ita Wegman)
    How the unshadowed Spirit Sun
    Weaves the pure red of dawn
    Around the Rose Cross stars.

  6. Hi Alicia,

    ” … I could pick any sentences or passages almost at random.”

    Sounds like a sensible way to start.

  7. Frank: that has my impression too, although the author of this article seemed so certain I began to wonder.

    Tom: I actually had reason to google it not long ago. Unsurprisingly, I found something you had written (I now don’t remember what). This weird poem is new to me though, so it can’t have been that. Is it published in GA somewhere?

    David: somehow it doesn’t surprise me.

  8. Hi Alicia.

    Many thanks. I’m warming to the careful use of references. I know it’s quite conventional and dull but I applaud this effort.

    Thanks to all,


  9. the kiosk is a riot these days – we seem to be running out of champagne. But I notice there’s no shortage of nuts.

  10. Nor of fruits — especially the California Bio-Dynamic variety.”

    Fruity and nutty -aren’t we the best!

  11. I must admit I feel slightly queasy from the baby analogies, the ‘heavenly begotten spirit child’, vessels, thoughts about wombs and fruitions, soul-midwives . . .


    The source of all this repressed erotic Anthro-palaver about “begettings and fruitions,” etc. is to be found in the caninesophical revelation that Mr. Dog is Enkidu.

    It is the sacred story of the Fall of Steiner.

    We know in the Bible creation story that the Fall of Man was due to Eve eating Lucifer’s apple and then giving it to Adam. So humanity’s “original sin” is to be to blamed on Eve, the “mother of all living.”

    However, the fall of a single man, Rudolf Steiner, in his first ever human incarnation as Eabani/Enkidu in the Sumerian Gilgamesh epic, is due to the “front end,” as it were (Oh Dog, I actually blush at my subconscious entendre here!) of these latter day anthropopsohical ravings at the Goetheanum about the “back end” of things, namely, birth.

    Well, before there’s any kind of a child to be born, there has to be first — fructification.

    So just as you and I and everyone else have a real taboo about imagining our parents’ act of fructification that led to our respective birthings, so, too, the present day Anthroposophists have that same taboo about imagining the original act of fructification that led to the present day begottens and fruitions.

    But of course I can! And now you all can, too. Please go to this link that still exists on Tarjei’s website. There you may read the single email of the deepest world historical significance (now caninesophical significance!) that endeared myself to Dan Dugan in 1999 when I gave him explicit permission to repost on WC my enunciation of the previous incarnations of Rudolf Steiner.

    I shall first quote chapter and verse from the actual Epic of Gilgamesh and then my anthroposophical and now caninesophical commentary of that passage as I wrote it to my beloved Catherine, whoever she was, but I digress.

    Recall that Gilgamesh, the king, orders a hunter/trapper man to take a temple harlot and bring her to the watering hole where she will seduce Enkidu. Since Gilgamesh is the future Ita Wegman, it is interesting to note that as Gilgamesh, she was the pimp for the temple harlot who seduced the once and future Rudolf Steiner.

    Yet I find anthroposophists very reluctant to speculate on the line or reincarnation of that harlot. Just who was she? And did she also reincarnate to be with Rudi & Ita? Sorry, I do rule out Marie Steiner


    from the Epic of Gilgamesh, Chapter I entitled “The Coming of Enkidu.”
    (He came all right! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!)

    The trapper spoke to her: ‘There he is. Now, woman, make your breasts bare, have no shame, do not delay, but welcome his love. Let him see you naked; let him possess your body. When he comes near, uncover yourself and lie with him; teach him, the savage man, your woman’s art, for when he murmurs love to you, the wild beasts that shared his life in the hills will reject him.’

    She was not ashamed to take him, she made herself naked and welcomed his eagerness; as he lay on her murmuring love she taught him the woman’s art. FOR SIX DAYS AND SEVEN NIGHTS THEY LAY TOGETHER, for Enkidu had forgotten his home in the hills; but when he was satisfied he went back to the wild beasts.

    Tom’s commentary:

    Jesus Penus, Catherine! I mean, whenever my “eagerness is welcomed,” I consider myself lucky if it doesn’t fall off after seven MINUTES of vigorous fructificatory activity! But here is the future Rudolf Steiner, as the wild man Enkidu, getting his chimes rung for six DAYS and seven NIGHTS!!! A full matrifructifying WEEK!!! Is this in the Guinness Book of World Records or what? For anthroposophists anyway, this has to be the most stupendous “Fuck-a-thon” in all of human history! I mean, in the opening of Genesis, we have the Seven Days of Creation; but in the Gilgamesh epic, we have the Seven Nights of Fructification. Wow!

    What a way for Rudy boy to get literally sucked down into earthly incarnation! For it was this event that brought Enkidu out of the spiritual Cosmos and down to earth, so he could begin the handful of incarnations that would lead to the man we know and love as Rudolf Steiner.

    So there you have it, Alicia, the act of fructification that led to the Fall of Steiner and to all that birthin’ babies talk at the Goetheanum today. And let us not forget that the woman*** is to blame for the Fall of Steiner just as Eve is to blame for the Fall of Man.

    [*** I know Gilgamesh was a male king, but we know her today more as Ita Wegman and of course the original temple harlot was female.]

  12. “There you may read the single email of the deepest world historical significance (now caninesophical significance!) that endeared myself to Dan Dugan in 1999…”

    Oh, Tom – is that true? If so, that’s so funny (and significant for the  seriousness of WC ever since). Dugan as obsessed with sex as he was (is?) with  ‘sound engineering quackery’!

  13. Oh, as an extra added boner, I mean, bonus, let me copy Sune Nordwall’s response to Dan Dugan publishing my reincarnational post in 1999. Not only does Sune comment on my obvious mental dysfunctionality (that’s a real no-brainer!), he also accuses both me and Dan of gang raping Steiner’s soul, even dropping casually dropping in the charge of psychic necrophilia.



    From: Sune Nordwall
    Subject: Re: Mellett on Steiner’s reincarnations
    Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 01:58:38 +0200

    Dan Dugan wrote:

    I just have to share this exchange from the mailing list “anthropos-views.” Tom Mellett’s ever the jester of Anthroposophy, but his tale is actually backed up by Anthropop literature. BTW “fructify” is a favorite phrase of Steiner’s, as commonly translated. Complete post reproduced by permission of the author.


    You have already earlier mirrored and fed on the behaviour of this person, who is having obvious problems with himself, as I have commented earlier, on this list.

    The “backing up” by “Anthropop literature” you mention, is by one person, who took great care — in contradistinction to you and Tom — to avoid all the sensationalizing Tom and you engage in.

    Steiner never commented publicly on the past lives of himself, or on the past lives of other living persons, it being a real soul rape.

    Doing it publicly the way you and Tom do — now on a dead person — is not far from the rape of publicly discussing the possible former lives of living persons.

    Sune Nordwall
    Stockholm, Sweden


    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

  14. Not ever in the history of the kiosk have we run out of nuts or fruitcakes. Occasionally we run out of champagne and cognac, but we send the archangel Michael out for more.

    Tom: ‘How could you forget the recent world historical caninesophical revelation I received that Mr. Dog is Enkidu?’

    I didn’t, actually, but it wasn’t what I was thinking of. It was something old.

    Sune: ‘this person, who is having obvious problems with himself’

    in addition to the ‘soul rape’, this is quite hilarious (as for the ‘soul rape’, that idea is both hilarious and appalling). Hey, Sune, never had any obvious problems with *yourself*?

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