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  1. Intressant, har aldrig träffat dessa människor och ändå känns de bekanta. Fina människor. Kultiverade och intressanta. Undrar om det är så att antroposofin på nåt sätt strukturerar oss själsligt. Kul!

  2. I would have to say, Alicia, that your title is quite misleading. When I opened the video, I was under the impression that this was a gathering of eurythmists all talking about eurythmy. As it turns out, of the 21 people in the video, only 3 are eurythmists, and only 2 of them speak (David Monasch at [1:11 to 1:37] and [6:11 to 6:45], and Barbara Richardson [7:38 to 7:50]).

    On the YouTube page, the title and summary as they give it, is:
    Some Voices & Faces of Anthroposophy, 2012

    Brief highlights from conversations at the 2012 conference of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophical Society in America, held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Topics include anthroposophic medicine, the movement art of eurythmy, outreach to people in prison, Waldorf (Steiner) education, biodynamic agriculture and ecology and beekeeping, and local community activism.

    So, like Frank, I am curious why you zoomed in on eurythmy, especially given that there are 3 Anthroposophical doctors speaking — not to mention the couple that runs the Anthro Bee Sanctuary in Virginia, which ought to interest Sune.

    Also, this is the same conference that Daniel Perez attended just before I enticed him to plunge down the Rabbit Hole of the Kiosk. Perhaps he will give his impressions of the gathering.

  3. Johannes — ja, de har ett visst sätt som inte är helt obekant. En annan möjlighet — än att det skulle vara något själsligt konstituerande i antroposofin självt — är väl att det inom en grupp ofta finns sätt att vara och tala och föra sig som uppfattas som goda, rätta, ideala (eller något annat positivt) och att de sätten tenderar att förstärkas, i all synnerhet när människorna i gruppen mest umgås med andra inom samma grupp.

    Frank — that’s for anyone to interpret as they like.

    Tom — it just happened that way. (Actually, I didn’t come up with the title, I stole it. One reason being that the eurythmy stuff was the most interesting. The AWSNA representative is doing nothing but exercising her jaws, spouting nonsense I doubt she even understands herself.)


    Said in general: that description of eurythmy (quoted by me) kind of indicates why it’s inappropriate and even unpleasant for children. They’re fed, through eurythmy, something they can’t understand and that will never be explicitly explained to them.

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