it was the first day with snow, but a rather gloomy afternoon nonetheless. It was damp, and darkness fell rapidly and early, as you can tell. Our walk didn’t last more than half an hour to fortyfive minutes. The snow was of the sloshy kind that makes furry dogs uncomfortably wet. (Here’s a mobile phone picture from earlier today, too.)

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  1. Thanks Alicia for sharing these images and your reflections with us.

    Could we perhaps start from here?

  2. David,

    I’m hoping you will read and evaluate my new theory utilizing the principle of the Conservation of Waldorf Defenders Minimizing and Waldorf Critics Maximizing. It’s on the BBC Program thread at the Kiosk and you can arrive at it instantly by clicking this link.


    Maybe it should be pursued here as there are such substantial discussions of other more weighty topics there. Plus with the photos of snow here, it is quite easy to segue into the topic of snow jobs.

    Thanks so much!


  3. Please, I’d rather you discuss that here than derail that discussion. Let’s put it this way: *if* that comment is commented on in that thread, I will moderate those comments. There was a worthwhile discussion over there, let’s not ruin it.

    You’re free to use this thread for the purpose of discussing that comment further.

  4. Many thanks, Alicia,

    To confirm:

    “You’re free to use this thread for the purpose of discussing (Tom’s) comment (on Conservation of contrasting discourses) further.”

    At the outset, I agree totally with your intended approach to moderation. Without such firm direction and purpose, it would not be possible to pursue this investigation sensibly.

    Does this acceptance satisfy your initiative and responsibility as owner of this thread?

    Would these conditions need to be acceptable to others? Will there only be a limited number of participants?

    Clearly, it is not my aim here to be destructive. I reserve the right to confirm with you at times the continuing need for moderation. Of course,I also reserve the right to end my contributions at any time and without a stated reason.

    Respecting yourself and others (while also claiming respect for myself), I await your confirmation that it would be both appropriate and sensible to try and proceed on this basis.




  5. David: ‘Without such firm direction and purpose, it would not be possible to pursue this investigation sensibly.’

    I don’t care about this investigation, whatever it is; Tom wrote that comment (https://zooey.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/the-recent-bbc-program/#comment-20901) for fun, I’m not sure what, if anything, worthwhile can come of it. I care about the other discussion, on which he posted that comment, and that it not be wrecked, I care about the other thread not being derailed because Tom posted a comment that was perhaps entertaining, to some degree, but basically off topic.

    So: if Tom and you want to pursue what he wrote in that comment, do it here; I’m not sure anyone else is interested, my bet it is that nobody is. Personally I’m not going to make any ‘investigations’– sensibly or not — into a comment that was written as a joke. I only want to protect the other discussion from being derailed by jokes and nonsense.

  6. Hello Alicia,

    Since the above message, I have thought further upon my use of the Internet medium and practical requirements of its processes.

    In the circumstances, I feel that it may not be helpful to others if I continued at present on-line. For this reason, I have decided to withdraw at the outset. Instead, I will focus upon intensive off-line discussions with both adult learner colleagues and skeptical academic reviewers, testing my understanding.



  7. I guess that might be sensible, David. I don’t think internet as a medium is the worst problem though. That said, of course knowing internet convention helps (for example, understanding the difference between facebook and a blog discussion). But making comments that seem random and unconnected to what’s going on is rarely helpful in ‘real’ life either.

  8. Hi Alicia,

    “But making comments that seem random and unconnected to what’s going on is rarely helpful in “real” life either.”

    As you may guess, I try to keep track of this generally and seek to avoid the problem in various facets of life off- and on- line. For me, themes of performance and scrutiny flow together.

    Of course, ICT has particular characteristics. For example, a dog-eared :-) copy of “Blogging for Dummies” by Gardner and Birley is by my computer.

    Working as an advocate on acute wards, you may guess that i’m faced with the challenge of working to appreciate the heartfelt musings of distressed people. As may be expected in that context of mutual vulnerability, I’m especially accountable through a process of review and supervision. As it should be! Great!

    Before commenting, I had some developed notions. I will test, develop and evaluate these before perhaps reconnecting after Interview on 6 December.

    i trust that this suggestion is acceptable. I also expect that you will respond with your comments if it is not.

    Thanks for reconnecting.

    Greetings to everyone.


  9. I despair. If you communicate in this manner, piling word upon word while neglecting meaning and content, also with those people on the acute wards, I feel for them. You appear severely disconnected from any intelligible content.

    I marvel at those study groups precisely because of this.

    I suppose this is mean of me but if this is the way you’re communicating, then you aren’t ‘connecting’ — with anyone or anything. You need to add content. And you need to figure out the content of what the other person is saying.

    Communication or ‘connecting’ is more than putting forth a pile of words, not even if the individual words sound good or even profound. That’s what makes postmodern text generators so much fun. Just words, no content, no meaning. But you don’t have to communicate with them.

  10. Don’t understand these words from cyberspace. While I agree in part, texts also impact on life.

    For me, “real” time is moving on. Best for all to forget this.

    The sun is shining. I’m getting off-line and off-site.

  11. As is Mr. Dog as well, no doubt. So what is his canineosophical take on this whole bemusing spectacle?

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