cold, warmth (photos)

photos from today. There’s a walkway under Centralbron (‘central bridge’). It’s a highly unappealing place, it’s ugly and unfriendly, but I found the contrast between the ice and the impression of warmth, coming from the yellowish lights and the brown paving bricks, a little bit interesting.



121207bYou spot, floating in the water, some remnants of ‘snow’ from the streets dumped in water. This method of getting rid of snow and ice is woefully ugly when the lake is covered by ice. Right now, much of it disapears, but not all.

2 thoughts on “cold, warmth (photos)

  1. Your photographs are as striking as your prose; they share the surface qualities of clarity and precision, but beneath is this rich subtext. Lovely. I’m glad for many reasons to have stumbled across your blog.


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