one man show

this event was advertised as a one man show on facebook. I had to take a closer look at the website:

onemanshow‘Sometimes astonishing’ are probably the right words to describe this ‘show’, which appears to be heavy with mythological name-dropping. Lots of fascinating courses and events advertised on that webpage, by the way; explorations of wool, clowning lessons, and so forth. Something for every taste, no doubt.

(I assume those candles on the table are wax candles! Did I tell you that I found, the other day, canineosophically appropriate wax candles? Look! Those are the ones, for the truly enlightened.)

2 thoughts on “one man show

  1. Alicia,

    “mythological name-dropping”! Just beautiful! Here´s another: Have you met a morphosis? (to be asked the unexpecting, half sleeping bystander at som ant. lecture or something!

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