winter song

the ethereal kiosk needs some decent music, so as to not be drawn into the black hole of complete, utter musical awefulness (which is happening, as we speak). I always feel like listening to Nico when it’s cold and it has been snowing. This tune fits splendidly with the melancholy mood, the velvet sofas and the lit wax candles. The windows covered in ice crystals and snow glistening in the garden. Gnomes, in their tiny felt hats, huddling under trees, collecting twigs, making tiny fires. Well, you know what it’s like.


2 thoughts on “winter song

  1. Alicia,

    I did not know that gnomes wear felt hats. Thank you for informing me (I thought they
    wore knitted, woolen things in the Norwegian style), always good to stock new knowledge!

  2. Not entirely wrong, Curt. Their are indeed gnomes who wear knitted hats. But felted hats are by far the more popular choice. I can understand why — felted wool is the most practical solution for tiny fellas who spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s warm, durable and suffciently water repellant.

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