cradles and coffins

Here’s Albert Steffen — swiss author and an important figure in the history of anthroposophy (he succeeded Rudolf Steiner as a leader of the Anthroposohical Society in Dornach and was, during many years, also the editor of the Society’s journal Das Goetheanum) — on cradles and coffins:

steffen_coffinsI suppose mistaking once coffin for a creadle is a reasonable error. The short text can be found in an old edition from 1965 of the american Anthroposophical Society’s journal (Journal for Anthroposophy), which has been published here. From the same edition, I recommend, without understanding it, the Christmas in Hospital poem by Rex Raab (‘elixir in the crystal skull-bone-grail’ — anyone wants to have a sip?). I hope you all realize how much fun these old journals are; they’re gold-mines. I will never forget this old poem.