20th december

sorry, I’ve lost my inspiration to such a degree I can’t come up with anything useful to say. I haven’t followed my google reader for weeks, and have no idea what goes on. Some news has found its way to me anyway, like this article by Grégoire Perra, about french anthroposophy and money, and this one, which everyone else has read long ago, by André Sebastiani. Both worth reading.

Still winter, still snow, now soiled, now depressing more than uplifting. I hope for new snow, to cover the old. And I hope for christmas and new year’s eve to be over quickly. Stockholm, yesterday:




3 thoughts on “20th december

  1. Thank you, alfa! Made me long for the tulips. But snow will do, for now.

    Tom: thank you! Both are Gamla Stan! (The first is Mårten Trotzigs Gränd — the narrowest street in Stockholm!)

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