19 thoughts on “mr Dog is shocked

  1. Alicia, please convey to mr Dog the heartfelt sympathy and consternation of HH, whose ears, otherwise impertinently upstart, laid back as in a storm at the sight and sound (he could barely be stopped from attacking the screen). Shocked is the word!

  2. We’re sorry to have caused HH such emotional turmoil by spreading this unethical and shocking video! There are dried liver treats in an ethereal bowl on one of the tables in the kiosk — perhaps munching on a few will help him recover from the trauma?

  3. Presumably, he finds the idea of bullying in waldorf so ridiculous that the only thing he can do is joke about it. Sadly, the description given by the fantasy ‘letter writer’ is extremely accurate — that is what much of waldorf was like.

  4. What a sad, sad comment on Waldorf. Nothing critics could say about bullying could make the point better than Schwartz’s mockery of the bullying problem. I must re-post this.

  5. Do so, Pete.

    I think it’s sad to see it from Eugene Schwartz who is unusually wise — for waldorf — and actually does have a sense of humour. This, however, seems rather off, on both accounts.

  6. How could he not think this might backfire? If I set out to make a satire about Waldorf and bullying, I couldn’t have done a better job.

  7. I’m trying to make a copy on my hard drive but it says I need to buy something called Quicktime pro… does anybody already have this, and if you do, could you please make a copy… for posterity…

    I think the black cat walking up behind Eugene is an unlucky sign…

  8. Isn’t Schwartz infamous for his touring stand-up comedy show? Lots of Waldorf in-jokes.

    Like a lot of humour, this is only funny because it’s so uncomfortably close to the truth.

  9. Yes, guess so.

    Unfortunately I suspect many waldorf teachers who would hear this would actually laugh because they pretend that these things can’t happen in their schools — which is what, to them, might be funny in an absurd way rather than in a close-to-truth way.

    But…. I find it very difficult to interpret his intentions here.

  10. Schwartz should come to MY town, and put his show on for ME. I’d like to see him face ME, look ME in the eye and try to joke about bullying in Waldorf. I’d find a new place to store one of his rakes. (And to think I offered my home to this asshole when he was in town…). Funny how the usual Anthro jokers on this list are silent about this one.

  11. Well, since I’m moderating comments, anthro jokers might not find it worthwhile (and some of them aren’t on critics either). I suppose comment moderation takes the edge off instant gratification. Or something.

  12. LOL… yes (and thankfully). I imagine the long-winded blowhards are finding better ‘value’ posting their crap elsewhere. I don’t put Frank in that category (he can be more reserved hee since he has his own rag to pontificate on – unlike the Mellet twins). I’d love to hear Frank’s take on the Schwartz video. Maybe he’ll explain it in his next “review”.

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