happy new year

For the support shown over the past few days — thank you. (I will write this in English, knowing that the Swedes understand it! I hope you forgive me; I feel I really should be writing this in Swedish, too.) I was surprised, and happy. I’m still a bit overwhelmed.

I’ve become accostumed, to some degree, to the disdain, but that comment was hurtful, even if I know it reflects more on the person who wrote it than on me and even though I suspect this person perhaps doesn’t understand (even if being told off). The most hurtful aspect was the suspicion that others supported him — after years of this going on, the suspicion was justified. Perhaps it still is, but know I know that not everybody supports him. That there are those who understand that although I’m no saint (hardly — what would be the point?), I don’t deserve to be written about in that way. It’s an enormous relief.

I suppose that there are others to whom anything is allowed in a ‘war’. But then they have to imagine there is a war. There isn’t. Not one that I’m in, at least.

I’m grateful. Thanks.

To hear from people: I see this is happening, I don’t condone it. It means the world.

A happy new year to all, dogs and humans, casual visitors and regular inhabitants of the kiosk, gnomes (especially Melanie’s new friend) and fairies, archangels and other cosmic creatures. Cheers! I hope there’s enough ethereal chew bones and champagne!


Mr Dog and I spend this evening pretending it isn’t happening, because he can’t wrap his mind around some of the silly habits of humans. Why cause a racket in the sky, when you can chew bones? Every new year improves after its first hour, according to him.

121231aStockholm is almost looking like spring now. Not as nice at is sounds, actually. We did walk though (one of us had a rather wet and cold furry tummy afterwards and cold paws).



11 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. Happy New Year to you too! And well done for creating such an intelligent, eccentric and colourful ethereal kiosk. May there be lots of new scents and chew-bones in 2013.

  2. By the way, as we’re now safely on the side of 2013 here in my time zone (not the ethereal kiosk’s — it exists on another plane altogether). 2012 stats: 133,638 page views according to wordpress. All time: 353,186. This not counting elementals and other supersensible beings. (They’re on another plane, too.)


  3. Happy New Year!! The ethereal kiosk is my favorite place online, hands down.

    Also, I guess we seem to have come out the other side of that business where the world was supposed to end on the 21st.

    Very best wishes to you and Mr. Dog in the New Year :)

  4. Woof to you!

    Perhaps the world did end on the 21st, but we still don’t understand it! Of course, the ethereal kiosk would not be affected by such events in any case…

  5. Here it’s 4.30 am and I should be asleep. Happy new year, Pete! Happy remaining hours of 2012… I’m envious, 2012 looks much better than 2013. Visually.

    I can report that mr Dog survived the ordeal. Years ago we did some therapy, which was successful. (Eating ham while listening to less scary fireworks.) Unfortunately, he then transferred his worst neurosis from fireworks to hot air balloons. He’s a complex soul…

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