independent of time and space

This made me laugh. Dan Dugan writes:

Hurricane Sandy hit just when the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America had planned a meeting in Spring Valley, NY, disrupting their office electricity and canceling flights. In a letter to members, Coordinator Susan Howard mused about what might be learned from this experience.

The best of this letter, which I haven’t read myself, is this amusing musing:

How do we build inner connections with one another and with our ideals, to foster collective creative activity and the building of spiritual substance, independent of time and space?

Such a pity all waldorf projects can’t be independent of space and time. Those of us who are stuck in space and time would find it very difficult to object to them.

To mention one current example: I bet the Bristol Steiner School enthusiasts wish they existed outside of time and space, where no questions could be asked. And where reality would not infringe upon the fantasy of being able to enroll 850 local families… (I very much recommend that you all read Andy Lewis’s blog post. )


5 thoughts on “independent of time and space

  1. … please laugh at this while I cure my headache and while I try to figure out wordpress’s new improvement: changing all nordic characters (å ä ö) to question marks in the widgets. It’s so ugly.

  2. hey PK! I’ve tweeted this post – so has Andy Lewis – so there should be some brisk business. Happy New Year :)

  3. En typisk kvasifilosofisk fråga så typisk för antroposofiska sammanhang. Den är avsedd att ge intryck av existentiellt djup och intellektuell stringens. I själva verket är det naturligtvis inget annat än snömos. Men så här ser det ut numer. Mitt intryck är att det har blivit värre med åren.

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