happy kamaloka!

happy_kamalokaHappy kamaloka to you too, Sune! How very kind of you.

By the way, Sune, I haven’t recruited anyone. Nor have I spread hatred. I’m not half as concerned with being taken seriously as you seem to be. I also contest your claim that I have done anything ‘at all time’. In fact, I’ve done very little. I could have done a lot more, and perhaps that thought frightens you.

And you have tweeted me many times now this evening — from two different accounts (not sure why I should indulge in your wish to be at least two people?) — to compel me to prove that your claim that a certain historian is a ‘con-artist’ is nonsense. The answer is, as I’ve told you repeatedly: no, I won’t engage with your rants. I’m also not going to prove that there’s a pink elephant taking a bath in a golden fountain on the other side of the moon while eating pralines. In case someone wants to claim that. I’m not saying this to be mean or to spread hatred, I’m saying it because lots of people have bothered about t before — and it leads absolutely nowhere. I’m not discussing — if ‘discussing’ is the correct word in this context, it usually isn’t — with fanatics who call people ugly names for no good reason whatsoever.


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  1. Hello anthroposophists — do you often wish each other ‘happy kamaloca’? Is there a custom around this? I need to know for the tourist guide I might be writing… (no, I’m just kidding, but there ought to be one — it’s important, when you travel, to be able to comunicate with the locals causing as little social friction as possible!)

  2. I would be very concerned with anyone who needs to have two twitter accounts. Anyone who needs two identities has something to hide, either from others or themselves. And neither of these options is healthy.

  3. He has used a lot more than two identities. As for the two identities/twitter accounts he used yesterday, I assume the idea was not to make me think he was two people but to make others think there were two people saying the same things.

    It feels quite ridiculous, though. Even if he wants to be several people, why would anyone else want to play along…

  4. Would “happy kamaloka” mean about the same as “have a wonderful reincarnation” which in turn cold be interpreted as “drop dead”…?

  5. It would be Anthroposophese for ‘Burn in hell’! ‘Happy’ is an attempt at irony, I’m quite sure!

    Well, I shan’t be able to escape Sune after death, if we are to believe in anthroposophical ideas about the spirit’s immortality. Neither he me. I suppose he has more reason for fear than I do!

  6. That’s pretty funny, “Have a wonderful reincarnation” – I’m gonna have to remember that one …

  7. It would be Anthroposophese for ‘Burn in hell’!

    I wanted to suggest that earlier, but I wouldn’t dare think of putting words in Sune’s mouth.

  8. ‘Happy kamaloka’ is going into my anthroposophical travel phrase book. It might be useful, one never knows. Not to put words into Sune’s mouth, but he isn’t suggesting I’ll be having a good time. If anybody really is… that’s not the point of the purgatory either.

  9. I suppose if your time in kamaloka is a happy time, you must have led a pretty good life. Cool, Sune must have been acknowledging that your Earthly life this time around has been golden. Nothing painful to look forward to in kamaloca, Alicia… it will be a happy time for you!

  10. Alicia,

    I start getting seriously worried about your social habits here, what with this nincompoop accusing you of recruiting people? Do you? And in that case, people of such names as “The Black Duck”, a label clearly exposing the devious nature of its bearer! Next will perhaps be “The Pink Cat” or something even more repulsive. Stay clear of such folk, I advocate strongly! They will not be good for your Kamaloka, which otherwise will be rather mild, as the only thing that will turn hot on you will be Sune´s and the other´s rage, which you kindle in them.
    Please stay out of trouble now, and do not play with black ducks or other immoral birds!

  11. Hahaha, Curt! Sometimes I simply forget how silly it must sound… Yes, apparently, I ‘recruited’ a sea nymph (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thetis) and she in turn ‘recruited’ The Black Duck. The person ultimately at fault is the ‘intellectual con-artist’, of course. I’m a mere middle-man, so to speak. I’m sure there are other people involved as well, aside from the sinister dr Colquhoun.

    It’s an advanced plot. Sune has figured it out. I’m seriously worried about the prospect of a ‘Pink Cat’ entering the scheme, though.

    Recruiting the sea nymph, Melanie, was fairly easy. She swam past the kiosk and caught a whiff of the ice-cream, crawled up on land, sat down in one of the sofas and started to chat with Rudi. He was interested to hear what she had to say about waldorf education. And when she says things, she does it in the most entertaining ways: http://www.quackometer.net/blog/2013/01/steiner-academy-bristol-a-challenge-be-open-with-parents.html#comment-51348.

  12. Pete – ha! Yes, it was the first thing I thought of – the “warm wishes” – but I didn’t want to give you away :)

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