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For some obscure reason, Sune seems to be paying a lot of attention to me on twitter right now. I’m not going to try to figure out why. (Presumably it isn’t because he thinks he’ll convince me of anything — I might just as well tell him that, if so, the time and efforts are not well spent. I’ve seen all those links a hundred times before.)

Sune thinks I’m playing ‘mind games’ with him and — I suppose — with anthroposophists in general. If I say I don’t — that’s just another of my clever mind games. So I won’t say that. Well, I actually will say that — except that there’s no point saying so to Sune. If anyone’s playing games, however, it’s Sune’s own mind playing games with Sune.

I can sort of understand that what critics and certain historians write is not what Sune wants to see written. What one wants to see is not necessarily what one needs to see or what should be seen, however. In any case, researching a movement’s ideas or history can never be the same  as believing its ideas to be the truth or its history to be stainless. Sune wants the latter. In my opinion, that mindset is a much worse threat to anthroposophy than any historical research can ever be. A much worse threat than some people not liking anthroposophy can ever be. I’ve said this a thousand times. I hardly need to reiterate it.

What Sune is infuriated with — he used that word, and I do believe it’s accurate, he is infuriated — is not me or Melanie or Peter or Diana or anyone else. He’s infuriated with poor old Rudolf S who said some silly things that don’t sound very appealing today and probably didn’t to lots of people even back then. Sune is infuriated with past (and current) anthroposophists who had the bad taste not to behave impeccably or to believe only in what is palatable. (Sadly, Sune himself fails on the same account. And, yes, we’ll see what happens in kamaloka, don’t you think?) There are things that are indefensible today — but there’s a simple solution: don’t try to defend them, because that’s where the troubles begin.

I don’t know why some people — especially those who seem to be the most fervent believers — have so little faith in the power of anthroposophy to withstand scrutiny or criticism. And, so what — somebody researches anthroposophy… that, in itself, is neither the end of the world, nor the end of anthroposophy. But in the latter case — it can be. If you let it. But if so, it won’t be the fault of an outside enemy, it will be anthropsophy’s own.

Let’s return to the alleged ‘mind games’. I’m not entirely sure why I would need to play mind games. I have to conclude that Sune is seeing ghosts, he’s seeing something sinister that isn’t there. There’s very little I can do about it. It would perhaps be interesting if Sune could — for once — focus on telling us why anthroposophy matters so much to him instead of obsessing about other people and their various flaws (most of which he’s dreamed up).

Is it — the thing about ‘mind games’ — some kind of warped compliment? Should we conclude that my alleged ‘mind games’ are so darn clever that I’ll outsmart anthroposophists? Or are even intelligent anthroposophists so dimwitted, according to Sune, that even I — with all my flaws — can outsmart them? Clearly I’m possessed by ahrimanic forces, so everything is possible. He even reminds me, today, that some years ago I joked that I eat anthroposophists for breakfast. It seemed funny in the context (which was how some anthropsophists saw me as evil embodied). Perhaps it wasn’t very entertaining. But at most I’m guilty of a bad joke.

I think you should know one thing. I don’t have to reject everything anthroposophical, especially not the cakes (we’ve been over that, haven’t we?). I don’t have to support everything ‘anti-Steiner’, or whatever, either (I’ve given ample evidence I don’t do that, haven’t I?). But on the other hand, I don’t have to agree that anthroposophy is great or the saviour of mankind or heaven on earth or that anthroposophists and Steiner are perfect and I definitely don’t have to agree when people l like are called ‘haters’ or people whose knowledge I respect are called ugly names. I don’t have to buy all that nonsense — and am not sure why I should engage with it at all. When I said yesterday that I don’t take things half as seriously as Sune does, that was wrong: it’s not half, the seriousness with which I take these things is infinitesimal compared to Sune.

I can easily explain why: even for me as a non-anthroposophist, who truly values the work Peter has done (because it is very interesting), I do realize that anthroposophy as a worldview has its very own power. For me, the world does not end because someone — who was human — said silly things that are factually wrong or morally reprehensible. It’s not really such an enormous deal, as far as I’m concerned.

The only path I need to follow is the one that leads me to what interests me, to the things I want to know and experience. And this is not some kind of ‘mind game’. And it isn’t ‘hatred’.

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  1. Alicia,

    perhaps your greatest sin is being so cool and distant about it? My experience is that if I do not show signs of hysteria, I will not be taken seriously by some parties. And I have been living with anthroposophy and antros for the better part of 40 years. And you are guilty of a bad joke you say? Then you have fallen, not only under Ahriman (oh dear!) but also under the yoke of Lucifer
    (oh, blighted sinner!). Not much to be done there, but meditate on your destruction.
    And here I turn serious! Do not turn your back on these people mentally. They are no spiritual pacifists. In their phanaticism they will not harm you physically, but they will try to get at you mentally/spiritually. Í know you do not believe in such crap, but do m e the favour of not being taken off guard. I do not like those people, never did, because of their cultish fervour. They do not like me either. But I have never complained on them publicly, before now. I know that they will try to crush people. They have been known to succed in some cases.

  2. Curt,
    I certainly have exploded about Sune before. I suppose perhaps it would have entertained him if I’d done it again. In a certain way, all the junk has hardened me — not just the junk coming from him.

    In other ways, I haven’t been hardened because I’m more open than I used to be. And much less angry.

    I’m guilty of many bad jokes… There was one about eating anthroposophists for breakfast… together with mr Dog. But as you can very well understand mr Dog’s palate is far too advanced to chew on some dreadful old anthroposophist for breakfast! Can you imagine a more uncanineosophical way to start the day?

    ‘I know that they will try to crush people. They have been known to succed in some cases.’

    I get what you’re saying and I don’t doubt it for one second — but I don’t believe they need anything ‘occult’ — pardon the use of that word — to accomplish this. That’s the saddest thing.

  3. You’re only playing mind games because Sune’s mind can’t keep up with you. Sune is an old-school Anthroposophist on steroids. He is an amplification of the worst behavior we see in Anthroposophists. He’s pompous, self-righteous, clever but also dim-witted, obstinate, short-sighted, calculated in his mind but reckless in his actions. Like his guru, he’s fond of stereotyping people. I suspect he has a very low opinion of non-Anthroposophists, as he seems to believe they will be gullible enough to swallow his convoluted explanations of what he thinks Steiner may have meant (while he saying the opposite). His vision of Steiner is greater than Steiner actually was… and he wants the world to see him that way.

  4. I suspect he’s fanatical about something he’s spent huge amounts of effort over the past 15 (?) years to defend online. It may have ‘worked’ in the beginning — when internet was slow and weird and without the interaction possible today — but it doesn’t really now. It’s possible for anyone to find out who Peter really is.

    The biggest problem he has is that he doesn’t manage to defend anthroposophy. He makes it look ridiculous.

    Not because he disagrees with whoever — that would not be a huge issue, even if he was mistaken in his argument — but those weird texts, the words he uses about people… and then sometimes he tries to exhonerate Steiner and manages to flaunt his own prejudices instead… Well, anyway, I don’t really understand the need for it.

    The issue is not that I’m very convincing (I barely write about the race stuff att all) or that I ‘play mind games’ but that he’s very unconvincing and that perhaps he’s trying to manipulate but fails. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just beyond him that I don’t have to do anything much devious.

  5. Pete:

    “He’s pompous, self-righteous, clever but also dim-witted, obstinate, short-sighted, calculated in his mind but reckless in his actions.”

    Wow, it finally hit me! I read this thinking, this rings a bell somehow … what is it????? Then I realized: this is *exactly*, to the letter, how gnomes are described. Sune is a gnome.

  6. Seriously it is hilarious. It is exactly the personality ascribed to gnomes. They’re cute, but not warm and cuddly. By temperament, a bit on the dull, sluggish side. Not exactly evil, but a bit devious – potentially malevolent, if you frustrate or thwart them. Incredibly stubborn. Carry grudges. Scheming, but their schemes aren’t really very clever. Can lash out if angered. Entirely self-centered. They’re supposed to do things like, tend to plants and the roots of trees or something, but it’s by instinct, it’s not out of a loving nature, they’re just instinctual little critters whose lives amount to hacking about in the dirt.

    It actually reminds me quite a bit of the way Sune tends to anthroposophy. His schemes often make no sense or are even counterproductive to his own goals, they just suggest a blind, dim anger and mindless carrying of grudges.

  7. I suspect a lot of skeptics have been thinking Sune = gnome for a while now.

    What upsets me is that he keeps posting tweets that are supposedly about me but links to various pages that are actually about PLANS or .. I don’t know… Bulgarian nose-flute music. I feel cheated.

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