anthroposophia theomagica

I’ve been lazy posting things on the blog lately; usually it’s easier to just post on facebook or twitter, which is a shame. This is a lovely find from yesterday, Thomas Vaughan’s Anthroposophia Theomagica from 1650.


‘Be pleased to consider, that Obstinacy inslaves the Soule, and clips the wings which God gave her for flight, and Discovery.’

Thomas Vaughan was a 17th century philosopher and mystic who happened to use the term ‘anthroposophia’ — anthroposophy — long before Steiner. It’s not so easy to read the dated text, but it’s worth attempting to read some of it, since it is quite beautiful.

You’ll find a facsimile here.


2 thoughts on “anthroposophia theomagica

  1. Hi Alicia,

    What a find! A quick google search suggests connections with (among others) works of More, Newton and Erasmus. Sadly, I haven’t yet found the text and am still looking. Many thanks.

  2. I’m only letting this comment through to tell you that the link to the full text is in the post. Not in order to encourage you to begin posting incoherent ramblings and nonsense on every thread again, because I won’t have that.

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