the ninth lesson, and a few words about other things

To live up to my new (well, perhaps it isn’t exactly new) and bad reputation as some kind of weird crypto-esoteric, and also to behave in a suitably mysterious manner in general (I always aim to), I’ll recommend to you that you read Steiner’s ninth esoteric lesson for the first class, providing of course you’ve read the preceding eight, which I’ve recommended to you before. I trust, of course, that you have. Anything else would be highly neglectful. To set the scene for cosmic flights:

It would be easy to convince people about the spiritual world if for example a table from the spiritual world were to approach them. But there are no tables in the spiritual world, there are only spiritual beings in the spiritual world, and they must be perceived with what is spiritual in man. But spiritual is what we can read in the stars, what we can feel in the movements of the planets, what we can experience in the forces which hold us to the earth and make us people of the earth. Therefore whoever desires to understand in the right way must do so inwardly. With common sense we can understand all of anthroposophy, but to understand inwardly means to transfer more and more what is understood to inner life. Whoever wishes to do this must decide to undertake a really intimate exercise of these three sensations – or experiences, it doesn’t matter what we call them.

Continut to read all. I like everything about stars. And Steiner’s unintentional (or possibly intentional, who knows) humour.


As for everything else that happens and that doesn’t happen: You have to forgive me for being a rather passive blogger lately. I still have that sense of obligation or perhaps a misplaced respect for this blog’s (albeit unintentional) tradition or perhaps we should call it its fate — that either I should blog about waldorf topics, or I should be quiet (so as not to bug you with too many ramblings that are unimportant to you — whoever you are?). So I remain silent most of the time. I think that’s seriously got to change; I’ve got to shed that awful waldorf thing and do something new. (I know I’ve said so before. I’ll keep saying it, until the intention has properly matured. And then, more and more, I’ll be doing something else. I’m sure it will be like that.) Another day, soon, I will write a few words about a book I read recently — Mulisch’s The Discovery of Heaven. It’s a book you should read too. Speaking about the blog, the book is even on topic. Sort of.

I’ve added a number of new links to my post about the wonderful Hilma af Klint exhibition. If you haven’t seen it, you should. If you can’t, you should at least read and look at pictures. Look at the links or google, there’s a lot online now. I read the other day that Gertrud Sandqvist is writing a biography about Hilma, but unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw the news. It should be an exciting read when it’s published. But mostly to swedes, I’m afraid.

Winter remains faithful to us and fights to stay around, a fight against an increasingly warm sun, but I’ve run out of enthusiasm for winter. There’s still snow on the ground, it’s still relatively cold. Not beautiful, just dreadful late winter. It should be spring now. I’m not too fond of spring (I prefer autumn) — but three months of snow and ice and cold and darkness seems enough.

Comments on the blog will remain moderated; I thought it was to be a temporary inconvenience, but I have realized it will (most likely) be for good. I thought I’d tell you the reasons, but I guess that would be tedious and unnecessary.

6 thoughts on “the ninth lesson, and a few words about other things

  1. Hello, wonderful kiosk wandering wonderer. I thouht you might like this esoteric “wagging your tail like a dog exercise” I just read.

    “Julius assured me that there would be no attempt in such a case to break through the mental armor in which we hold ourselves prisoner. Instead, the personal elemental being is much more committed to “soften” and “release”… To show me how this method operates, the following exercise was proposed: Center yourself in the midpoint of your heart. Then direct your attention downwards along your spine till you reach the endpoint of the coccyx. Next, galvanize the power concentrated at the base of the spine by rhythmically moving your two hands behind your back. The movement is like that of a dog wagging its tail (A). Intersperse this movement by frequently raising both your hands to grip your head and then, as if they were a comb, drawing them down the length of your spine and then up again (B). This movement spreads the impulses released by the elemental being through the entire body (C)”

    Pogacnik, Marko (2004-06-01). Turned Upside Down: A Workbook on Earth Changes and Personal Transformation (Kindle Locations 2299-2306). steinerbooks. Kindle Edition.

  2. I am constantly surprised at how materialistically spirituality manifests itself. Not mind, but body. Odd, as at the same time it (too often) scorns the intellectual as materialistic thinking. (But at least that’s about mind — and doesn’t require the elementals to become physical in their supposed work.)

  3. ‘But there are no tables in the spiritual world, there are only spiritual beings in the spiritual world,’ wot, no spiritual tables? Having read the rest of your post I now have trouble remembering what you were talking about, which is rather soothing.

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