tenth esoteric lesson

Anthroposophy, at least not in these advanced stages, is not exactly for people who question things. It’s for people who are already convinced about the eternal truths contained in it.

… the person hears about anthroposophical truths, lets them work on him and considers them to be self-evident. It is obvious that everyone sitting here today belongs to that group. For if someone who does not belong to that group wishes to participate in a lesson as a member, it would not be honest of them.

There’s yet another esoteric lesson available in english, this time the tenth lesson. It promises to be exciting:

Today I would like to again provide an indication of how you can leave the body – if only by means of so slight a jolt that you don’t even realize it.

Then he goes on about the darkness of the earth, and the light of the stars and so forth — materialism vs anthroposophy, basically. I tend to find the stars comforting. But I’m sure it’s not for the right reasons. Don’t miss the lesson’s meditation and Steiner’s explanation of it.

The brilliance of the stars awakens me.
I am brought back to what I was in the previous incarnation as though awakened in it. My karma arises before me, the connection of destiny arises before me, it arises before me from the other side.



from the ‘dark domain of the earth’