a conflict made in heaven

… we find no mystery in the esoteric teaching, no suffering in the self-complacency, no uncertainty in the dogmatic position, and no absurdity in the trivial speculation, which by the way makes the whole phenomenon plain absurd. So where is revelation, eternal happiness, faith and existential truth in all this learned spiritual research?

Quote is from here. There’s a big thing in anthroposophy, right now, about the ‘conflict’ (or whatever it is) between former general secretary Prokofieff and Judith von Halle (the elusive book writing and, occasionally, lecture touring lady with stigmata). Prokofieff resigned and at almost the same time published some book (I haven’t read it, so don’t ask). This has brought the conflicts in the society to new life. Or, as it is put in the text just quoted, von Halle and Prokofieff ‘faithfully serve the drama of Anthroposophy’ in this ‘conflict […] “made in heaven” in order to exhibit the stale life and negative growth of institutionalized Anthroposophy.’

(It’s actually quite entertaining. Which is why I’m recommending it.)


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