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  1. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Mr Dog
    Happy Birthday to You!
    La la la

    From good friends and true,
    From old friends and new,
    May good luck go with you,
    And happiness too!
    La la la

    Alternative ending:
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
    How old, How old
    How old are you?
    O la la la

  2. Yes! A seven year cycle with bonus! But perhaps one ought to count differently when counting the age of dogs, given that they (sadly) live shorter lives. I’m not sure.

  3. La Communauté des Chats accepte de déclarer une trêve pour ce jour solennel, estimant que la noblesse de leur ennemi ne peut que leur inspirer du respect !

  4. ‘Woof and thank you!’ says mr Dog.

    (He also says ‘sorry that the incompetent bipedal person approved and then accidentally disapproved your comment’. He hopes you didn’t notice and that you weren’t confused by the erratic behaviour… ‘You should know what it is to live with it’, he sighs.)

  5. [NOTE: My birthday greetings to Mr. Dog involve a detailed study of one or more of the following 3 photos of the Heizhaus (Heating House) adjacent to the Goetheanum building in Dornach. The middle one from flickr is probably best.

    Smallest image, but with more definition from sun angle shadow

    Largest image, face on, almost no shadow. Best for study group work.
    SW dornach goetheanum heizhaus 01 1914 steiner r (hugelwg)

    Middle-size image, slightly off center orientation.


    Dear Mr. Dog,

    Happy Birthday to you from Hollywood!

    While it is true that Rudolf Steiner’s dog Pschulek may have been the actual founder of Canineosophy in 1922, nonetheless, Rudolf Steiner did foresee your incarnation here and now as the founder of Canineosophy for the 21st Century.

    As evidence of Steiner’s exact clairvoyant vision of you, please look at the wonderful image of you that Rudolf Steiner had sculpted into the roof and chimney of the Heizhaus (Heating House) for the Goetheanum.

    Please allow me to interpret the image in the light of canineosophy.

    We first notice that Rudolf Steiner sculpted you reclining in the same position as the Sphinx near the Great Pyramid at Giza. The twin domes of the building of course represent your two front paws. Now anyone who is a dilettante or Philistine might object to the fact that RS did not give much prominence to the most powerful sense organ of the dog, that is the snout. All he gave you was a cute button nose.

    But that was to shift the emphasis to your ears, which are your SPIRITUAL organs of perception, whereas the nose is best suited for operation within the MATERIAL world.

    You will notice 3 sets of canine ear flap pairs as you move up the whole shaft of the chimney. The lowest pair of course, represent your present physical ears, and one could say that the entire vertical shaft of the chimney is growing out of, as it were, your Crown Chakra.

    [Now if I may interrupt here to address your biped disciples:

    My fellow Bipeds: in order to see Mr. Dog as he would appear to ordinary consciousness in his Sphinx pose, please gaze at the photo and bring your thumb down vertically to cover up the chimney shaft as it just begins to rise out of Mr. Dog’s Crown Chakra. Thus you see the full visage of the physical material Mr. Dog as envisioned by Rudolf Steiner in 1920.]

    However, to more highly developed super-sensible cognition, the higher spiritual ears above the Crown Chakra would become perceptible.

    The middle pair represent the “Ears of the Etheric,” attuning Mr. Dog to the world of elemental beings, especially to gnomes. The top pair of ears represent the “Ears of the Astral,” which attune Mr. Dog to the group soul of bunnies, a phenomenon to be discussed in a later lecture on karmic relationships.

    Finally at the top of the chimney, one finds a small and a large protuberance which are the twin conduits of Mr. Dog’s eternal communications with the Doghead through the agencies of the 9 higher angelic caninearchies. However, at the present stage of biped evolution, nothing further may be discussed about this sublime level of higher canineosophical wisdom.

    But, in summary, I am allowed to communicate now about the 4 bodies of bipeds in comparison with the 4 bodies of dogs.

    Human Bipeds possess:
    [1] physical body [2] etheric body [3] astral body [4] Ego

    Canine Quadrupeds possess:
    [1] physical body [2] etheric body [3] astral body [4] Dogo

    Once again Happy Birthday, Mr. Dog!

    Your present age of 9 is a tribute to the 9 Caninearchies! Woof, Woof! Woof!

    Your loyal bipedal disciple,

    Hollywood Tom Mellett
    Los Angeles, California, USA

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